Early Symptoms of Venereal Disease

Venereal Disease Treatment at Zhongba Hospital

Previously, there was not a single Andrology Clinic present in Lahore who treat Andrology Disorders like venereal disease. But know for the very first time Chinese have established there hospital in Lahore which provides treatment of andrology disorders. Zhongba Hospital have Chinese specialists who treat people with latest technology and Chinese herbal medicines.

Early Symptoms of Venereal Disease

Men identify common sexually transmitted diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases have more than 20 species, but common male urethritis (gonococci and non-gonococci), genital warts, genital herpes, chancre (I syphilis) and pubic lice and the like.
Urethritis is the main manifestation of unclean sexual intercourse in about 1 week after the time, there dysuria and urethral discharge. Urethritis caused by Neisseria gonorrhea (gonorrhea), early urethral discharge yellowish white, and non-gonococci urethritis (usually pathogen Chlamydia trachomatis), the urethral discharge is usually clear mucus.
Venereal disease STD

The pathogen is genital warts HPV (of HPV). HPV has many subtypes, different subtype’s site of infection and the harm is not the same person. In addition, HPV affect women and men are different, men infected with HPV showed genitals (penis head Coronal and urethra) skin proliferative changes (long burr), like "comb", generally do not have serious consequences.
Women infected with HPV, may lead to cervical cancer. Unlike urethritis, many condyloma patients do not have a clear history of unclean sexual intercourse. Genital herpes is a type II herpes simplex virus caused by viral infection lesions. The virus penetrated the damaged skin into the human body and lurks in the spinal cord nerve roots, in the human body to reduce resistance (fatigue, catch cold, etc.) "Stir up trouble."
Genital herpes is the main manifestation of the genital area of ​​small blisters appears flakes, accompanied by pain. Blisters break, the formation of small red erosion surface.
This disease is often self-limiting, regardless of treatment or not, generally in about 1 week will heal. But the virus is not easy to clear, easy to relapse. Chancre's pathogen is Treponema palladium; the disease's incubation period is 2 weeks. Hard chancre of the main manifestations of the genitals (most common in the penis coronary sulcus) parts of a single ulcer, base hard.
At the same time there may be groin (thigh) of the lymph nodes. Pubic lice are parasitic on pubic hair roots parasitic infections , mainly parts itch pubic hair, pubic hair roots, insects, small blood briefs have needle-like point.
In identifying the above-mentioned diseases, should Coronal penis pearl rash, frenulum small pimples on both sides of a sheet and penile skin sebaceous glands ectopic other physiological abnormalities identified. Need to be reminded that, if you suspect that there are problems, as soon as possible to the regular hospital of urology, male or dermatology clinic, so as not to delay treatment.