Phimosis Effects and Treatment

Phimosis Treatment at Zhongba Hospital

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What is Phimosis ?

Prepuce is refers to adult men, wrapped in the glans penis skin, so that cannot be fully exposed glans. Which can be divided prepuce true and false prepuce. True phimosis after the glans penis erection cannot be completely exposed; pseudo Prepuce is usually not fully exposed glans, but after the glans penis erection can be completely exposed. Phimosis refers to the foreskin completely wrapped glans; the glans cannot be exposed at any time.

Phimosis effects and treatment

Foreskin is too long and phimosis likely to cause the following adverse effects:

Premature Ejaculation:

The most common in the normal foreskin cover the glans, but in the erection of the glans exposed. As the glans mucosa is usually hidden in the foreskin, the glans mucosa is usually subject to friction, less stimulation, making the glans mucosa nerve sensory too sensitive. When the sexual life, after the erection glans exposed, when the glans and vaginal friction, stimulation will be due to the glans mucosa nerve is too sensitive to trigger premature ejaculation, resulting in premature ejaculation.

Not Ejaculation:

And the foreskin is too long because premature ejaculation on the contrary, not ejaculation is often caused by phimosis. In this case, due to the glans by the skin of the excessive protection of the glans of the rich nerve conduction stimulation, excitatory function of excitement in sexual life cannot achieve the required stimulation of ejaculation stimulation intensity, it is easy to ejaculation. This is often so that men experience less than brought joy, happiness.

Affect the Normal Development of the Glans:

In some phimosis patients, if there is repeated urethral orifice Infection, it is easy to cause adhesion of the foreskin and the glans mucosa, affect the normal development of the penis; the glans will be severe deformities.
If the foreskin is too long, after the erection of the glans exposed, the foreskin will not cause oppression of the penis, pain, discomfort, is not surgery. As long as the foreskin usually open the glans exposed, so that the glans used to open, exposing, which can be a (you can buy medical paper tape fixed, paper tape will not cause Skin allergies), usually about two weeks you can completely habits.

The Best Time for Circumcision

Newborns with phimosis, with the growth and development, mostly gradually after 3 years of valgus, the best time to choose the foreskin surgery is very important for the foreskin surgery, phimosis or phimosis as a result of obstruction of genital development, resulting in genital Stunting and then cause genital short, so the best time to do the foreskin surgery should be in the child about 10 years old.
Children in school, time off is better, do not delay learning.