Prostate Diseases Treatment at Zhongba Hospital:

Prostate is usually found in men and it is a gland near the neck of men’s bladder. It is also a part of male reproductive system. Prostate disease can be caused by the reactions of bacteria, which usually attacks when urine leaks from penis. Mostly prostate is cured with the help of antibiotics that will kill the bacteria. If prostate is not cured earlier it converts into bacterial prostatitis and it is difficult to cure it.
Some of the prostate diseases are following:

Prostate Disease

  1. Nonbacterial Prostatitis
  2. Gonorrhea Complicated
  3. Prostatic, Prostatic Hyperplasia
  4. Chronic – bacteria Prostatitis 
Zhongba hospital provides the prostate diseases treatment  with the help of Chinese traditional medicines and using latest technologies. We have Chinese male Andrologists in Lahore, Dr. Ruijun. They treat through Chinese way of treatment. 
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