Prostatic Hyperplasia Symptoms and Treatment

Treatment of Prostatic Hyperplasia at Zhongba Hospital

Previously, there was not a single Andrology Clinic present in Lahore who treats Andrology Disorders like prostatic hyperplasia. But know for the very first time Chinese have established there hospital in Lahore which provides treatment of andrology disorders. Zhongba Hospital has Chinese specialists who treat people with latest technology and Chinese herbal medicines.

Prostatic hypertrophy

Prostatic hypertrophy is also known as hyperplasia.
Symptoms mainly for the two groups of symptoms, a class of bladder irritation; the other is due to obstruction of the prostate hyperplasia prostate obstruction symptoms.

prostatic hyperplasia

Bladder Irritation Symptoms:

Frequent urination, urgency, nocturia and urge incontinence. Urinary frequency is an early signal of benign prostatic hyperplasia, especially the increase in the number of nocturnal enuresis is more clinical significance.
The disease has three main features:
  • Prostate volume increased;
  • Bladder outlet obstruction;
  • Difficulty urinating, urinary frequency, urgency and other lower urinary tract symptoms.
If you find symptoms, it is recommended to go to the Zhongba hospital in Lahore for examination and treatment. So as not to delay the disease, affecting health.

Treatment of Prostatic Hyperplasia

Medicine Treatment:

Zhongba Hospital treats prostatic hypertrophy with the help of Chinese traditional medicines.

Surgical Treatment:

Therapy: bilateral orchiectomy, transurethral resection of the prostate and other palliative surgery; suprapubic transurethral resection of the prostate, suprapubic prostatectomy, perineum prostatectomy and other open surgery.