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Zhongba Hospital in Lahore:

Zhongba hospital treats all the Andrology related disorders and is from best from all the hospitals in Lahore. Zhongba is the first ever Chinese Andrology hospital in Lahore. We treat small penis disorder with the help of Chinese medicines and surgery. We have Chinese specialists Dr. Ruijun Liu.

Small penis:

Small penis is the length of the penis is less than the same age or the same development of the normal state of the penis length of the average of more than 2.5 standard deviations, but the anatomical structure and appearance of normal morphology. Adult male penis static length of about 5 ~ 6cm and the average length is about 11 ~ 13cm. Is generally believed that when the adult soft penis <4cm, stretch length <9.5cm, is the penis short. For children, elongated penis length <average plus 2.5 standard deviations can be diagnosed as small penis. Small penis causes complex, although the available drugs, surgery and other methods of treatment, but the overall effect is poor.

small penis treatment in Lahore

Treatment of Small penis in Lahore:

Zhongba Hospital provides the treatment of small penis with the help Chinese traditional medicines, endocrine therapy and surgery.
The treatment of patients with small penis, different causes of treatment are different, should be based on accurate diagnosis of treatment options.

1. Endocrine therapy:

Endocrine therapy is the main method of treatment of small penis, but the use of drugs, dosage forms, dosage, and route of administration, treatment, efficacy and side effects there is no uniform views.

2. Surgical treatment:

For post-puberty penis is still short, not for infants and young children. Surgical methods for penile lengthening surgery. If the penis is too small, the patient insisted on doing the male penis reconstruction can be shaped, the placement of the penis prosthesis and other methods, transsexual bilateral testicular resection, vulvar surgery and estrogen replacement therapy.