Azoospermia Treatment and Types

How To Treat Azoospermia | Azoospermia Types

What is Azoospermia?

It is referred as no sperm count or low sperm count in men. Azoospermia causes infertility on a wide scale. How a man can say that his fertility is Ok if he didn’t have sperm.

Classification and its Types:

ZhongBa Hospital experts said that generally it is divided into two types:
1.        True azoospermia
2.        Fake azoospermia.

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True Azoospermia:

It means the spermatogenic cells atrophy and degeneration cannot produce sperm.

Fake Azoospermia:

It means the testis can produce sperm, but sperm cannot be released because the sperm duct obstructed.
People usually asks how to treat azoospermia ?
We should provide azoospermia treatment with combining Chinese and Western medicine, different treatment to different causes.

 azoospermia treatment

How to Treat Azoospermia?????

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Treatment through Diet Plan:

The food mainly should to make more sperm and better for kidney to keep body fit but non-toxic side effects. Such as fry Balsam pear with beef, Sperm Decoction, Black sesame Soybean milk, black Soybean porridge, etc., can care the kidney and sperm to strong body.

Treatment through Surgery:

It is caused by these reasons below, may need to surgery: one side of the testicular spermatogenic function is normal, but the vas deferens obstruction; and the other side of the testis atrophy, vas deferens smooth, suggest to contralateral testicular autologous transplantation. Testis and vas deferens are normal, but the epididymis lesions, viable vas deferens testicular anastomosis.
In short, no matter what kind of treatment is for azoospermia. Patients should be diagnosed first and then follow the doctor's guide to treat.