Treatment of Male Reproductve Disease

Male Reproductive Diseases Treatment at Zhongba Hospital

Zhongba hospital in Lahore is from the best andrology hospitals in Lahore who treat male reproductive disorders. We have Chinese andrology specialist Dr. RUIJUN LUI, he treats infertility and other diseases related to male reproductive system with the help of Chinese traditional medicines.

Male Reproductve Disease:

There are many disorders of male reproductive organs. Many people have these diseases but they usually did not pay heed to them and that will cause a serious affect on them. We treat al these disease in Zhongba Hospital Lahore.

male reproductive system

Male common diseases include:

Male Sexual Dysfunction

·         Eroticism, Priapism, Impotence
·         Spermatorrhea, Premature
·         Ejaculation

Male Infertility

·         Azoospermia, Digozoospermia
·         Necrozoospermia, Blockage of the vas, deferens

Male Genitourinary System Disease

·         Wrapping glans, Phlogistic
·         Wrapping, Orchitis, Epididymitis
·         Seminal Vesiculitis

The - whole male –reproduction categories

·         Phimosis, Penile Curvature, Penile deformity, Testicular Torion,
·         Crypto orchidism, Small penis

Prostate Disease

·         Non bacterial Prostatis
·         Gonorrehea Complicated
·         Prostatic, Prostatic Hyperplasia
·         Chronic – bacteria Prostatis