Frequent urination urgency treatment in Lahore

Frequent urination urgency treatment in Lahore

Frequent urination urgency is a condition when patient need to urinate frequently and urgently. If patient suffering from frequent urination urgency specially frequent to urinate at night, or feel difficulty to urinate, cause could be prostate disorder. Urology specialist of ZhongBa Hospital belives if a patient have these symptoms it means he is suffering from prostate disorders. ZhongBa is a Chinese hospital and providing services of famous Chinese urologist in Lahore for treatment of urine disorders. Dr Zhi Wang has vast experience and he is skilled to treat prostate disorders with the help of latest equipment and traditional herbal medication.

Symptoms of frequent urination urgency

Frequent urination urgency, or even too late pants. Feeling of pain or burning when urinating. Urinary urgency and painful urination is a common symptom when problem of urethra, bladder or prostate. Urinary urgency may be caused by urinary tract infection, or may caused by non-infectious factors, can be interpreted as increased urination frequency, some people 4 to 5 times per hour, even more than 10 times, but just 10 ml or even less each urine.

Causes of frequent urination urgency

The main Cause of frequent urination urgency is urinary tract infection, and there are many ways of infection cause. Such as virus, bacteria, mold, and may be tuberculosis, chlamydia, trichomonas infection. Urethral anterior segment may have staphylococcus, enterococci, diphtheria bacteria, even gram-negative bacteria in normal women, in general, will not cause urinary tract infection, but if into the bladder or renal pelvis is likely to cause it. It’s reported, the bacteria of causing urinary tract infection, E. coli accounted for 60%. Pathogens into the urethra or bladder cause inflammation, which finally caused excessive urination symptoms.

Diagonosis for frequent urination urgency

Patients with urinary frequency urgency should get prostate test, prostatic fluid routine laboratory tests, urine tests, bacterial culture, and then the doctor will comprehensive analysis of the test to make a clear diagnosis according to the symptoms and reference to the results. To make sure whether suffering from chronic prostatitis, in order to make an effective treatment plan.

Frequent urination urgency treatment at ZhongBa Hospital 

ZhongBa Hospital urology specialist use the multi-dimensional fusion therapy system of prostate for frequent urination treatment. The multi-dimensional fusion system of prostate is mainly used to realize the effects of mechanical (mechanical) effect, thermal effect, biological effect and dispersion effect after ultrasonic principle. to enhance Vitality and metabolic function, improve blood and lymph circulation, to promote the nonelastic connective tissue becomes soft. And with the help of ultrasound, promote the function of material through rapid, directly arrive lesions, will achieve the best treatment of prostatitis. ZhongBa hospital is the only professional andrology medical institutions in Lahore to introduce the technology, and has successful treated more than thousands of Lahore male prostatitis patients. If you feel any symptom of frequent urination urgency, we highly suggest visiting our hospital for treatment. Kindly >>>LIVE CHAT>>> with our health experts for more information and appointment.