What is Andrology?

Basic Introduction to Andrology and Infertiltiy Treatment

Andrology is the branch of medical sciences that is related to men’s health, specifically deals with the problems of the male’s reproductive system and urological issue that are developed specially in men. It is counterpart gynecology, which is all about the women, Andrology is all about the men. It is concerned with the men’s sex problems as sexual dysfunction, impotence and infertility.A person who is a specialist in Andrology is called Andrologist. An Andrologist can diagnose and treat all the sexual disease of males by various ways. But it is not a well established branch of medical sciences in many countries e.g. in India and Pakistan.


Infertiltiy Treatment in Pakistan

Most often in our country, Herbal Doctors treat the males suffering from sex diseases. According to latest researches, they show that the impotent males are not treated properly by the   Quacks. Now, doctors are working very hard to make Andrology a great branch of modern medical sciences to treat patients of STD’s. It is an interesting fact that the patients of the male’s specific diseases consult their issues with the Gynecologists.
The Andrologists start their treatment by examining the patient and mainly through a brief conversation with patient about his diseases. Patients should tell everything about their sex life and other complications. The examination of testes is performed because it is a part of this treatment. It is also necessary to examine a patient per rectum because some cases are related to prostate. Semen is examined to check the fertility of the male. The presence of motile sperms is checked in the fresh sample of semen.
Reproductive Men’s Health Issues and their treatment services are provided by a licensed Medical doctor or a specialist physician called Andrologist. After proper examination they suggest these treatments to the patients,
·         Suggest  Medications
·         Life style changes
·         Hormonal balance treatment
·         Diet
·         Exercise
·         Management of diseases
·         Life style changes
·         Herbal treatment
·         Surgery
·         Vasectomy

The most important kind of male contraceptive is a vasectomy (A surgery that stops the pathway of sperms to penis for ejaculation during sexual intercourse) When Andrology specialist does a vasectomy surgery; it is resulted into to a permanent way of birth control. But this condition is reversible in another procedure called vasovasostomy.
The Andrologists may treat every disease of the men by proper knowledge of modern medical sciences. Following issues are treated by Andrologists:
·         Erectile dysfunction
·         Premature ejaculation
·         Fertility issues
·         Hormonal disorders
·         Impotence
·         Sterility
·         Syphllis
·         Gonorrhea
 The most interesting fact is this that the field of science can also help men in family planning. its suggestions in the life of a married couple are very important towards the successful marriage of the couple. A female should follow the physicians called gynecologist and she should discuss all the things of her private life with that doctor. Similarly, a man should also discuss his issues related to sex life of him with his physician called Andrologist.