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ZAIB Hospital in Lahore provides treatment of Anorectal disorders like rectal intussusception. We have Chinese specialist’s doctors to treat piles. We treat rectal intussusception with the help of Chinese herbal medicines.

What is Rectal Intussusception?

Rectal intussusception (rectal invaginate) refers to the process of defecation in the proximal rectum full layer or simply mucosa into the distal intestine or anal canal does not exceed the outer edge. Also known as rectal prolapse, recessive rectal prolapse or incomplete rectal prolapse.
rectal intussusception

The disease is one of the most common types of export obstructive constipation occurs in the distal rectum, some patients may involve the middle rectum. As the rectal digital sigmoidoscopy and barium enema colonoscopy has been reset when the multi-reset, so the clinical diagnosis is difficult, only through the dynamic imaging of defecation can clear diagnosis of the disease.

Causes of Rectal Intussusception:

Some people think that lengthy rectum is a prerequisite for the disease. The exact cause is not clear; most of the authors believe that rectal prolapse is a clear functional rectal disease, and rectal prolapse as a pre-rectal prolapse, most likely the development of rectal prolapse. Some people think that the incidence of this disease may be associated with rectal mucosal relaxation; long-term forced defecation will lead to fecal rectal mucosa to the distal stretch, the formation of mucosal displacement related. Zhang Lian-yang and other applications by abdominal surgery for rectal prolapse and found that such patients are often accompanied by intrauterine prolapse and posterior pelvic prolapse such as the pathological changes.