Treatment of Anal Bleeding

Anal Bleeding Treatment at ZAIB Hospital:

ZAIB hospital is from the top hospitals in Lahore who are providing treatment of anorectal disorders. ZAIB Hospital is the only Chinese hospital in Lahore. We treat anorectal diseases like anal bleeding, piles and anal fissure with the help of Chinese Traditional Medicines.

There are many friends who faces the problem of anal bleeding and they do not know the reasons for bloodshed. They become nervous, panic and worried that they are not suffering from a serious illness. But in reality it is a serious illness.

anal bleeding

Following situations causes anal bleeding:

Hemorrhoids Cause Bleeding:

Mostly painless, it is often after intermittent bleeding. Often in the toilet drip blood, not mixed with feces, severe patients will spray-like bleeding, which may be too much force when the defecation caused by mucosal scratching. In general, after the bleeding will stop on their own. Constipation, dry stool hard, drinking and eating spicy food, is the cause of stool bleeding.

Anal Bleeding Caused Colorectal Cancer:

Colorectal cancer cause anal bleeding occurs mainly among people in the coming year, its main symptom is mixed with pus and blood in the stool, mucous secretions or rancid. Found the symptoms of anal bleeding to guard against rectal cancer, to identify the cause of timely treatment, to avoid more serious disease.

Anal Fissure Caused Bloodshed:

Anal bleeding at the same time, there will be pain after symptoms. Adult anal fissure is mostly due to long-term constipation caused. Most patients with bleeding in the defecation, mostly blood, small amount of bleeding, and sometimes found handkerchief stained with blood, after the stool surface attached by the blood. This is mainly due to fecal ulceration ulcers caused by small blood vessels.
In addition to anal bleeding, the patient is also accompanied by severe pain in the anus, generally lasting a few minutes after the pain will be reduced or short-term disappearance, which is called pain intermittent, then patients with persistent muscle spasm and severe pain, pain Time may even last for several hours to ten hours, this special process of pain called "anal fissure pain cycle".