Abdominal Distention Treatment at Zhongba Hospital

Abdominal Distention Treatment and Examination at Zhongba Hospital

What is Abdominal Distension?

Abdominal distension is a common digestive system disorder. The main causes of it are gastrointestinal valve, intraperitoneal effusion, intraperitoneal mass, posterior peritoneal disease and functional abdominal wall muscle tension, which increased to form this disorder. So it is very important to take medicines for abdominal distention treatment.
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abdominal distension treatment

Beware of its Conversion into Colitis:

The types of Colitis are ulcerative colitis or chronic colitis. The main clinical manifestations of Colitis is  abdominal pain → diarrhea → mucosal → constipation and often accompanied the symptoms such as eating less, indigestion, insomnia.

Clinical Examinations:

1, Conventional radiology examination: abdominal plain film, gastrointestinal Radiography, urology Radiography
2, CT examination
3, B-ultrasound examination
4, Olympus electronic colonoscopy

Olympus Electronic Colonoscopy for Examination and Treatment:

Olympus electronic colonoscopy is the world's best colonoscopy equipment than others, known as "smart electronic colonoscopy".
Using the 6G visual medical video and imaging methods, can take image of the lesion part, creating a new era of hemorrhoid examination and treatment.

 Olumpus Electronic Colonoscopy for Abdominal Distention Treatment

Who is Suitable for Colonoscopy?

1.        Gastrointestinal bleeding with unknown cause.
2.        Chronic Abdominal Distension with unknown cause.
3.        Abdominal mass with unknown cause cannot sure the large intestine end lesions.
4.        Abdominal pain with unknown cause.
5.        Suspected colon cancer, cannot be sure with X-ray examination.
6.        Suspected chronic intestinal inflammatory disease.
7.        Need to determine the lesion scope of colon cancer before surgery and review the effect after surgery.
8.        Low intestinal obstruction with unknown cause.

How to Treat Abdominal Distension - Combined Chinese and Western Medicine with Intestinal SPA

Zhongba hospital is from best Anorectal hospitals in Lahore who provides abdominal distention treatment. We have Chinese Anorectal specialists in our hospital. They provide cure with the help of Chinese traditional medicines and by using international standards technologies. We provide cure of distention with the help of Intestine SPA method.
Intestine SPA is a hydrological movement in the colon. Put the water to depths of colon with a specific instrument. Soften and dilute the stool which accumulates on the colon wall for long. Most water is used to excite the anus muscle which near the anus, stimulate the colon to contraction reaction. Make the stool and other harmful substances which softened and diluted excrete out. And help the colon back to normal peristalsis.
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Diet Plan for the Patients:

(1)   Should avoid eating the food which contains gas, such as egg yolk, cream with foam, the glycoprotein with bubble and soft drinks. Some one thought that drinking soda can help hiccups, but in fact most of the gas is still in the intestines.
(2)   Should avoid eating food which will produce gas easily, such as radish, onions, cabbage, beans, sweet potatoes, honey, leeks, raw onions, raw garlic, raw blue, celery and so on.
(3)   Should avoid indigestion, reasonable diet control when indigestion .should reduce the amount of sugar and milk or other flat food when Abdominal distension.
(4)   Someone have habitual flatulence, include the food above, and should pay attention food which will cause it, not eat too much, because each one has different sensitivity to food.