Anal Fissure Treatment at Zhongba Hospital:

Anal fissure is a tear, erosion or scars on the lower part of the rectum. It causes a lot of pain during bowel movement and also causes blood in the bowel. It may be caused by hard feces, large and solid feces. It can cause itching and burning in the lower part.

Basically anal fissure is the tear on the skin of the anus. People of any age and any gender fall prey to this disease. Mostly this disease is found in newly born babies. It causes a lot of pain. Mostly doctors provide stool softeners to its patients in order to reduce stool hardness. Because of hard stool the tear or erosion may increase and it will cause more and more pain and may be some time cause blood in the stool.
Different people found different symbols while diagnosing it. Like some people faces drop of blood in stool. Some people face burning condition on the rectum. Some people feels noticeable tear on the skin. While other fells a lot of pain during bowel movements.
Fissure can be developed because of many diseases and some from them are: TB, HIV, anal cancer, herpes, extremely tight anal muscle, etc.
Stool softeners can play a part in treating fissure but it cannot treat it properly. So a full and effective medication is required in order to treat it.

Zhongba hospital provides anal fissure treatment with the help of Chinese traditional medicines and with the help of surgery. This treatment is entirely different from traditional treatment. The treat success rate is very high and it provide early cure. We have Chinese Anorectal specialists in our hospital. They treat anal fissure through Chinese way of treatment.
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