Anal Fistula Surgery at Zhongba Hospital

Zhongba Hospital

Zhongba hospital provides best treatment for anorectal disorders from all the hospitals in Lahore and to treat anal fistual by surgery is one of their speciality. Zhongba Hospital have Chinese anorectal specialist. They treat anal fistula with the help of surgery and Chinese traditional medicine. They use top international technologies and treat through Chinese way of treatment.

Treatment of Anal Fistula by Surgery:

As anal fistula does not recuperate at itself the surgery is proposed in the instances of butt-centric fistula. 

fistula surgery
The principle alternatives include: 
· Fistulotomy a philosophy that incorporates cutting open the whole length of the fistula so it repairs into a level scar. 
· Seton strategies – it is a procedure in where a bit of surgical string called a seton is placed in the fistula and kept there for a long time to help it recuperate before a next methodology is done to treat it. 
· Fibrin Glue: This is starting now the unrivaled non-surgical treatment way. The glue is imbued into the fistula to seal the tract, and after that the opening is sewed closed. It is a direct, protected and simple system, however whole deal occurs for this method are poor. Starting accomplishment rates as high as 77% drop to 14% after 16 months. 
· Other methods – incorporating filling the fistula with unique paste, or covering it with a fold of tissue. 
Every one of these techniques has specific central focuses and dangers. You can review this with your andrologists. 
Various individuals don't have to remain in repairing concentrate overnight after surgery, however some may need to remain in office for a couple days.

Zhongba Hospital performs surgery with less pain.

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