Anal Fistula Treatment in Lahore

Anal Fistula Treatment in Lahore

Anal fistula is one of the three common Anorectal diseases. Anal fistula is also known as "Anorectal atrophy", mostly anal fistula form because of Anorectal abscess ulceration. Although the abscess gradually reduced, but the intestinal contents are still entering the abscess, unhealed for long and then formed granulomatous duct around the anus.
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Anal fistula treatment

Anal Fistula and its Parts:

Generally Anal fistula composed by three parts such as inside, outside and fistula.
Most of inside in the anal sinus which near the anal canal line; outside on the skin around the anus and sometimes more than one.
Fistula wall is composed of fibrous connective tissue.
Anal fistula can occur at any age and mostly at age of 30-40 years. The disease can lasts from several months to decades. Here is a patient who almost missed his life.

Come and see a Case of Patient:

Mr. Ali who lives in Lahore, 34 years old, should be in prime and high-spirited. But Mr. Ali who standing in front of us is not like what we are thinking about him, without slightest masculinity, and occasionally emit a stench Taste, what is the problem with him and what cause thus?
Ali had anal fistula for several years and now it becomes yellow and thick. Now there is strong fecal odor.
In the beginning Mr. Ali found the hard pimple around his anus and he starts feeling pain. Mr. Ali fear of others to know it and just bought some medicine to treat it by him. The condition is sometimes good but sometimes it’s bad. At very start there was only one pimple, but later it became two then three and then causes continuous pus.
And after that the pimple broken the wound is out of some thin stool. Anal fistula becomes more and more serious, and at last he became a veritable "stinky".
And he was being fired; his family is away from him. What should he do for this? Mr. Ali felt distress and only at home all day afraid to go out cause fear of others treat him stranger.
ZhongBa Hospital Anorectal doctor said that many patients with anal fistula in the early stages didn’t go to doctor because of fear to surgery. They often choose conservative treatment with drugs or treatment by him or her. In results of this madness anal fistula becomes more serious.
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ZhongBa hospital doctor said the treatment of anal fistula is mainly check and cure.

Examination of Anal Fistula:

ZhongBa hospital using Korean electronic anus mirror for anal fistula examination, it collects the high-resolution images of lesion. So that both doctors and patients clear and intuitive understanding of the disease and prevent misdiagnosis effectively. With this instrument we get the diagnosis results in 3 or 5 minutes and with the efficiency of more than 99%.
The key to treat anal fistula is to find the inside of the disease. If the inside didn't cure, anal fistula will not cure better absolutely.

Treatment Technology at Zhongba Hospital:

ZhongBa Hospital is best from all hospitals in Lahore who use hcpt wound small method which is recommended by Ministry of Health. The application of HCPT method in anal fistula can provide anal fistula treatment effectively. HCPT method using advanced colonoscopy deep in anal fistula internal can show the rectum and anal fistula lesions within the scope and depth on computer clearly..

Guide with the visual computer monitoring system, HCPT method can remove inflammatory lesions effectively without damage to the normal anal sphincter and normal mucosa.
It only needs 20 minutes. Patients can normal defecation 24 hours after surgery without pain. And there are no any other complications such as anal stenosis or fecal incontinence.

anal fistula treatment

Advantages of HCPT in Anal Fistula Treatment:

In addition, there is another advantage of HCPT is that the patients no need hospitalized after surgery.
It will not affect the life or work. By control the pathogenic factors and the removal of local lesions effect, HCPT method achieve to eliminating the anal fistula repeated.
Hcpt treatment of anal fistula can painless and effective.
The advantages of this method is short operation time, wound tiny, less bleeding, short treat course, good fastness and no repetition.
ZhongBa medical hospital doctor reminds if any patient found him got anal fistula disease, do not just cure on drugs, but should be treated timely by the professional doctor.