Anal Papilla an Anorectal Disorder

Treatment of Anal Papilla at Zhongba Hospital

Zhongba hospital is best from all the hospitals in Lahore who provides treatment of Anorectal disorders or anal pain with the help of Chinese traditional medicines and anal papilla is one from them.

Anal Papilla an Anorectal Disorder:

An Anal triangle of yellow-white petals below projections called papillae anal papilla. It is a round or triangular cone, embryonic remnants of 3 to 8; usually it is very small in size, If anal sinusitis, anal fistula, anal fissure, hemorrhoids, constipation.

anal papilla anorectal disorder

Anatomy of the anal canal

Anal pruritus and May cause hypertrophic nipple becomes large, the anus, the formation of nerve inflammation or nipple hypertrophy, and some can be presented papilloma shape. The surface of the anal papillae covered with smooth milky white or light red skin, arranged along the tooth line. Most people do not have anal papilla, nipples, mostly 1 to 4, the number, shape and size vary, and there are individual differences. If at the anal infection, injury and long-term chronic stimulation, such as anal fissure, anal papillary hyperplasia may become larger, the anus, the formation of anal papillitis or anal papillae hypertrophy. Some may be papilloma, the papilloma fibrous polyps.