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Anal Papillae Treatment at Zhongba Hospital:

What is Anal Papillae?

A piece of skin that appears up from the intersection between the skin and the inside covering of the anus. Anal papillae tends to arise with anal fissures and may be identified on a digital analysis of the anus or with a scope. Elimination is only required if the anal papillae are causing symptoms.

Anal Papillae Treatment:

Zhongba hospital is the first Chinese hospital in Lahore who is providing anal papillae treatment with the help of Chinese traditional medicines and minimally invasive surgery methods. We have Chinese Anorectal specialists in our hospital, Dr. Ruijun and Dr. Aizhu Wang. They provide treatment of all Anorectal disorders including anal papilla.

If you are suffering from any Anorectal disorder or anal papilla then you should visit our hospital.
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