Anorectal Polyps Treatment

Polyps Treatment at Zhongba Hospital:

Zhongba hospital is from the best hospitals in Lahore who are providing treatment of Anorectal disorders like Anorectal polyps. It is also known as rectal polyps. Zhongba Hospital has Chinese specialists doctor AIZHU WANG who treat Anorectal diseases and anal polyps is one of them. She has 35 years of experience. She treats patients with the help of Chinese medicine.

Anorectal Polyps:

Rectal polyps are the most common benign colorectal adenomas seen in young adults. The disease is different from malignant tumors, it is slow growth, cell differentiation is good, it will not be transferred to it, so although the tumor, but not directly life-threatening. Rectal polyps and more as a single, smooth surface, texture is brittle, easily stool bleached and bleeding, ulceration. A small number of polyps, especially sessile, wide basal polyps can be transformed into a malignant tumor, so early treatment as well.
anorectal polyps
The disease is not clear, so no way to prevent. The best method for its treatment is surgical resection under endoscopy and the Chinese traditional medicines. Therefore, you still listen to the views of doctors, early surgical resection is appropriate.