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Zhongba Hospital:

Chinese have developed their hospital in Lahore for the very first time in the history of Pakistan. Zhongba Hospital has Chinese specialists for Anorectal disorders. They treat Anorectal diseases with Chinese herbal medicines and piles or hemorrhoids (Bawaseer ka ilaj) are one of them.

Hemmorhoids or Piles (Bawaseer)

Hemorrhoids are often called heaps. In Urdu piles or hemorrhoids are named as bawaseer. They are swollen in the anus of the blood vessels. They can be divided into internal or external locations depending on where they start.

bawaseer ka ilaj
External piles are developed in the outer part of the anus. When it forms, there is a blood clot inside, causing swelling pain, usually manifested. The exterior feels like a hard, sensitive lump. Bleeding occurs only on the surface of the skin rupture.

The inner pile starts from the upper part of the anal canal. It argues that repetitive straining when stool causes high pressure within, it becomes swollen. The wall of the blood vessel is stretched and thinned out and tends to break easily. In the event of such a situation, bleeding may occur. Repeated tightening also leads to overloading and loss of elasticity of the supporting ligaments in the blood vessels. The blood vessels lose their elastic support and fall further down the anal canal and protrude outside the anus. Once it's outside, it becomes a prolapsed hemorrhoid, which differs from the outer pile.

Zhongba hospital in Lahore treats piles (bawaseer ka ilaj) with the help of Chinese traditional medicines.