Colitis Treatment at Zhongba Hospital

Colitis Treatment at Zhongba Hospital

At present, many colitis patients didn't know the damage of it. Some patients thought the disease will cured by body itself and ignore it. And some patients delay treatment because of fear the pain of colonoscopy. In fact, this is wrong concept. There is so much damage for not cure enteritis so long.

colitis treatment

Colitis Causes These Damages:

1, Intestinal Perforation:

Mostly are dilatation complications of toxic intestinal, mostly occurred in the left colon. The apply of corticosteroid is considered a risk factor for intestinal perforation.

2, Intestinal Polyps, Colon Malformations:

if colitis for more than five years, the Ulcer surface of intestinal will prone to abnormal proliferation by stimulate inflammation , triggering intestinal polyps, more than 1cm of intestinal polyps will high rate to Malignant change;

3, Intestinal Stenosis:

occurred in a wide range of disease, duration of up to 5 to 25 years or more cases, mostly in the left colon, sigmoid colon or rectum, clinical generally no symptoms, but severe can cause intestinal obstruction. Identify benign and malignant cancer when Diseases appear bowel narrow.

4, Toxic Intestinal Dilatation:

This is a serious complication of the disease and mostly occurred in patients with total colitis. the mortality rate can be as high as 44%, the clinical manifestations is deterioration rapid , symptoms of poisoning obvious and accompanied  diarrhea, abdominal tenderness And rebound tenderness, bowel sounds weakened or disappeared, increased white blood cell, easy to complicated intestinal perforation;

Large Intestine Water Method for Colitis Treatment:

ZhongBa Hospital Anorectal doctors told the large intestine water method is a water flow in colon hydrotherapy, send water to the depths of the colon with a specific instrument, soften and dilute the stool which accumulates on the colon wall. The purpose of large intestine water method is by rebuild intestinal micro-balance, so that the large intestine will resumed peristaltic contraction to rebuild colonic peristalsis and metabolism intestinal function. By using this method we provide colitis treatment at Zhongba Hospital.
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Most water of large intestine water method is used to stimulate the anus near the intestinal muscle, stimulate the colon to contraction reaction. Soften and dilute the stool and other harmful substances excreted to help the colon to resume normal peristalsis.