Treatment of Constipation in Lahore

Treatment of Constipation at Zhongba Hospital:

Zhongba hospital in Lahore provides treatment of constipation through Chinese way of treatment. We have Chinese specialists in our hospital. We treat constipation (qabz) with the help of Chinese traditional medicines and minimally invasive surgery method. In most of the cases there is no need for surgery.

What is Constipation?

Constipation (Qabz) is a common clinical symptom, rather than a disease, mainly refers to reduce the number of bowel movements, reduce the amount of feces, feces dry, defecation effort. Must be combined with the characteristics of stool, I usually bowel habits and defecation with or without the difficulty of making any judgments of constipation. As more than six months is chronic constipation.

constipation | qabz ka ilaj

Treatment of Constipation (Qabz ka ilaj):

Constipation patients need to first rule out the organic disease caused by constipation, and then according to the severity of constipation, causes and type, the use of comprehensive treatment, including general life therapy, drug therapy, biofeedback training and surgery to restore normal defecation physiology. Attention to life therapy, to strengthen the education of patients, to take reasonable eating habits, such as increased dietary fiber content, increased water intake to strengthen the stimulation of the colon and develop good bowel habits, such as morning defecation, it intended to timely defecation, Avoid strong defecation, while increasing activity. Treatment should pay attention to remove excessive rectal fecal matter in the far rectum; need to actively adjust the state of mind, these are very important for effective treatment.

Surgical treatment of Constipation (Qabz):

For severe intractable constipation, all of the above constipation treatments are invalid, if the colon transmission dysfunction type constipation, serious illness may consider surgery, but the long-term effect of surgery is still controversial, the case must be carefully selected. Constipation in this huge group of patients, the real need for surgical treatment or a very small number.
Zhongba Hospital performs minimally invasive surgery for constipation treatment (Qabz ka ilaj).