Causes of Hemorrhoids Bleeding

Causes of Hemorrhoids Bleeding - ZhongBa Hospital Anorectal Department

Hemorrhoids is a very common disease, the stool bleeding which caused by hemorrhoids are often overlooked by so many people. People thought it's not a big deal, but do not be cheated by its appearance, a long time hemorrhoids bleeding will lead to other Anorectal disease, which like Blasting fuse to explosive other from one. >>> Click to consult a doctor
Causes of hemorrhoids bleeding

Blood in the Stool:

Bright red blood on the stool during or after bowels, sometimes a small amount of blood on the surface of the stool, or red toilet paper, sometimes drop blood or eject. As the stool rubbed the mucosa, or a person puts excessive force when defecation then blood vessel pressure increased to rupture varicose veins, then there is jet-like bleeding.

Hemorrhoids Prolapse:

With the increase of hemorrhoids' node to extrusion stool squeeze, leading to out of the anus with the anus muscle prolapse, even hemorrhoids and rectal mucosa together out of the anus. Early can be back in the anus, but when serious, cannot be returned after the pull, will occur incarcerated, ulceration and necrosis, causing inflammation around the anus edema, severe pain, the patient restless and can't sleep at night and also becomes causes of hemorrhoids bleeding>>> Click to consult a doctor

Mucus Outflow:

Rectal mucosa stimulated by hemorrhoids long-term, causing secretions increased; lately inter hemorrhoids, due to anal sphincter relaxation, often secretions outflow from anus. Outflow with stool when Light, but severe will naturally outflow during non-defecation to pollution underwear. The secretions more when inter hemorrhoids prolapse, >>> Click to consult a doctor


Stimulated by secretions or prolapse hemorrhoids, so that the around of anus is wet and dirty to eczema and itching, and sometimes the itching is caused by the reflex the out of internal hemorrhoids prolapse.
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