Hemorrhoids Surgery at ZhongBa Hospital

Hemorrhoids Surgery- Minimally invasive Vs. Traditional Surgery

ZhongBa hospital Anorectal doctors said that it depends upon hemorrhoids or piles surgery that it will cause pain or not. Surgery is a trauma on anus, because the anus and rectum nerve distribution is very dense. There are very rich blood vessels, nerves and muscles are very close together. So surgery destroys the integrity of the skin tissue and therefore a slight pain is inevitable.
But why some people feel severe pain during the process of hemorrhoids surgery?
ZhongBa Dr. said that this is mainly because some unprofessional doctors are too rough in the operation, that while tearing the sphincter they damage the nerve and blood vessels. In addition, patients who addicted to tobacco and alcohol or use salicylic acid preparations long-term to reduce sensitively of local anesthetic, which cause the effect of local anesthesia is not satisfied, to make patients severe pain in the surgery.
Generally, hemorrhoids or piles surgery is divided into two kinds: traditional surgery and minimally invasive surgery.

Hemorrhoids Surgery

Traditional Hemorrhoids Surgery:

The wound of Traditional surgical methods is big. It will cause the hemorrhoids patients bleeding much. This will leads to stay in hospital for several days in order to recover vitality. Surgery causes a certain trauma on the anal skin to recover slowly. Traditional surgical treatment not only affects the patient's work and life, but also greater inconvenience to the patient's family.
In ZhongBa hospital --- painless minimally invasive surgery will make you no worry to treat hemorrhoids.

Minimally Invasive Hemorrhoids Surgery:

The time of this surgery is very short. Postoperative recovery is faster and safe, which is a better way to treat hemorrhoids. Minimally invasive surgical incision is small, less bleeding, generally will not affect normal life.

Technologies in this Surgery:

Technology one, [PPH surgery]:

With advanced surgery stapler rectal mucosa anastomosis, it blocks the rectum wiping end of the arterial and anastomotic branch and it eliminates the source of hemorrhoids; let the hemorrhoids atrophy.
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Technology two, [COOK hemorrhoids gun]:

This device is use to block the blood supply of hemorrhoids. In a very short time it separates from the lesion tissue, so that hemorrhoids atrophy, necrosis, dry knot, and then fall off.
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Technology three, [HCPT surgery]:

In the high-frequency capacitor field, the organization of charged ions and even in the high-speed vibration between the two poles; when the ion depletion to intermittent liquid junction, the instrument automatically stop working, not Carbonization to falls off immediately.
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Technology four, [hemorrhoidal artery ligation]:

Ultrasound Doppler-guided hemorrhoid artery ligation (DG-HAL), is a set of ultrasonic exploration, suture surgery as one, no surgery, no wound, preservation of the anus liner organization. It keeps the anus from being affected.

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Doctors remind that people use to fear of hemorrhoids surgery because they did not understand it. Do not wait for a long time or do not treat it home remedies blindly.