Rectal Prolapse Causes | Rectal Prolapse Treatment

Rectal Prolapse Causes | Rectal Prolapse Treatment at Zhongba Hospital

Causes of Rectal Prolapse:

Which Prolapse treatment is better? Rectal Prolapse is one of common Anorectal disease, the cause of anus prolapse is too much, mostly caused by bad bowel movements and living habits. There is a lot of treatment for anal prolapse. But which rectal treatment is better? Let's follow ZhongBa hospital Anorectal doctor's answer:
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ZhongBa Hospital doctor pointed out that the rectal prolapse treatments are internal treatment and external treatment, tablet treatment, acupuncture treatment, inject treatment and surgery treatment.
①   Internal treatment is to take Chinese herbal medicines to take care.
②   External treatment is use Chinese traditional medicine fumigation, external application to fix up;
③   Acupuncture to enhanced pelvic tension and enhance the role of the rectal support fixation.
④   Injection sclerotherapy can rectum with the surrounding tissue or rectal tissue adhesion occurred in all fixed, then the rectum will not off; ligation can remove part of the fallen mucosa to format scars, then adhesion fixation support. Now the effect of rectum suspension fixation is not stable, and the operation is complex. And about 20% patients repeated; so it is less used.

rectal prolapse

Rectal Prolapse Treatment:

(1) Conservative treatment for rectal prolapse if anal prolapses secondary to diseases like constipation and diarrhea. We must actively treat this primary disease; prolapse will cure after primary disease cured. During the treatment cannot squat defecation, but should to standing position, lateral position or supine position defecation, small baby legs straight to the feces to urine, big children can sit high pots of defecation, that is, the pot on the high chair shit. If we can adhere to 1 to 2 months, mostly rectal prolapse can be cured. If the rectal prolapse didn't cure with change the bowel method then reset the method, with gauze folded into thick pad, hold the anus, with two sticks to stick tight sticky paste, so that children in bed for 1 to 2 weeks, insisted lying position defecation.
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(2) Chinese Medical Treatment for Prolapse

Mostly patients of this are weak, prolonged diarrhea unhealed, bedridden long illness, dry stool, can cause prolapse. So supplement with Chinese tradition medicine.
The damage of prolapse large, anal prolapse patients should pay attention to prevention and treat
1, Appropriate to participate in some physical activity, promotes gastrointestinal peristalsis and blood circulation.
2, Regular life, regular bowel movements every day, to keep the anus around the clean, defecation cannot too long squat or excessive force.
3, To maintain smooth stool, eat more vegetables containing more cellulose to prevent and treat constipation, such as leeks, celery, cabbage, spinach, etc., to promote peristalsis. Fruits like bananas as well. Drink plenty of cold water every morning, eat breakfast, and help defecation.
4 Eat less chili and other spicy food to reduce the bad stimulation rectum and anus. And the toilet paper should be soft and clean.
5, To strengthen the anus exercise, active contraction of the anus, relax and then contraction, 3 times as one exercise, 3-7 times for one day.