Rectal Ulcer Treatment at ZhongBa Hospital

Rectal Ulcer Treatment at ZhongBa Hospital

Isolated rectal ulcer syndrome (SRUS) is also known as rectal benign solitary ulcer. It is caused by acute and chronic ulcer caused by gastrointestinal disorders to bloody stools, defecation difficulties and anal bulge pain as the main symptoms of chronic, benign rectal disease. It is more common in young people, no gender differences. So rectal ulcer treatment timely is necessary in order to save yourself from any inconvenience.
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rectal ulcer treatment

Clinical Manifestations

May have blood in the stool, mucus, constipation or defecation difficulties, tenesmus, rectal anal pain, diarrhea, but also fecal incontinence, bleeding. Some patients left palpable sigmoid colon loop, and tenderness. Rectal referral can be in the lower rectum of the anterior wall palpable thickening of mucosal ulcers, tenderness, do the excretion of palpable prolapse of the top, refers to the line with blood and mucus.
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Examination through Endoscopy

Ulcers mostly shallow, clear boundary, the base covered with gray necrosis, ulcers around the mucosa was mild inflammation, can be nodular. It can be integrated into four typical performances: rectal cavity with mucus, blood, mucosal redness and edema.


According to the clinical manifestations of the disease and the characteristics of histological changes, combined with endoscopy and other tests can often make a diagnosis. It is generally accepted that SRUS should be considered when:
1. Clinical to bloody stool, mucus, defecation disorders and anal pain as the main performance;
2. Endoscopic examination can be seen rectal anterior or anterolateral wall mucosa has localized erosion or ulcers;
3. Pathological examination results in line with the basic characteristics of the original histological changes.
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Rectal Ulcer Treatment in Lahore

ZhongBa Hospital provides best Anorectal disorders treatment from all hospitals in Lahore. We have Chinese Anorectal specialists in our hospital Dr. Aizhu Wang. She treats Anorectal disorders like ulcers with the help of Chinese herbal medicines and minimally invasive surgeries.

1. Conservative treatment

A person should eat high-fiber diet in order to maintain smoothness in stool. Defecation difficulties when the application of laxative, the application of 1: 5000 potassium permanganate bath, secondary infection.

2. Surgical treatment

As most of the patients with SRUS rectal prolapse, so the current multi-advocate the use of rectal fixation treatment of prolapse. It is supplemented by biofeedback treatment of normal muscle abnormal contraction.