Blood in Stool Treatment at Zhongba Hospital

Blood in Stool Treatment at Zhongba Hospital

Zhongba hospital is best from all hospitals in Lahore who are providing treatment of Anorectal disorders. We treat stool bleeding or blood in stool with the help of Chinese traditional medicines. We have Chinese Anorectal specialists in our hospital, Dr. Ruijun and Dr. Aizhu Wang. They both are Chinese experts and treat all those diseases that can causes blood in the stool.
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If you are facing condition like blood in the stool then you should visit our hospital. You can live chat with our online expert.

What Causes Stool Bleeding?

Zhongba Hospitals experts said that In many Anorectal diseases, not just hemorrhoids can cause blood in the stool, many other Anorectal diseases, such as anal fissure, Rectal polyps, colon polyps, ulcerative colitis and even rectal cancer will cause blood in stool.
What diseases can cause blood in the stool?
Each disease that causes bleeding has different symptoms. Following are some symptoms of those diseases:


Blood in the stool usually occurs during or after defecation, was bleeding or spray-like, bright red blood, blood and feces do not mix.

hemorrhoids | piles | bawaseer

Anal fissure:

Anal fissure causes blood in stool, redness, dropping or toilet paper wipe after the blood, and then there will be severe pain after the anus.

anal fissure

Rectum, colon polyps:

Bloody red, painless, blood and stool do not mix Together.

Ulcerative colitis:

Bleeding mixed with mucus or was pus and blood, accompanied by abdominal Pain, fever, frequency and so on. 

Rectal cancer:

Red or dark red bloody, was drop attached to the stool surface; Late often appear pus and blood will be accompanied by Anorectal fall, weight loss, stool habits change and other symptom.