What is Rectal Cancer? | Rectal Cancer Treatment

Rectal Cancer

Rectal cancer is from the dentate line to the rectum sigmoid junction between the cancer, is one of the most common malignant tumors of the digestive tract. Rectal cancer location is low, easy to digital rectal examination and sigmoidoscopy diagnosis. But because of its location deep pelvic, complex anatomical relationship, surgery is not easy to complete, postoperative recurrence rate. In the lower rectal cancer and anal sphincter close to surgery is difficult to retain the anus and its function is a problem of surgery, surgery is the most controversial method of a disease. The median age of onset of rectal cancer in China is about 45 years old. The incidence of youth is increasing.

Rectal Cancer Treatment at Zhongba Hospital

Zhongba hospital is from the top hospitals in Lahore who are providing treatment of anorectal disorders. Zhongba Hospital is the only Chinese hospital in Lahore. We treat Anorectal diseases like anal bleeding, piles and anal fissure with the help of Chinese Traditional Medicines and minimal invasive surgery method.

rectal cancer

Surgical treatment

There are two types of surgery Radical and palliative.
1. Radical surgery

(a) Abdominal perineal resection (Miles operation)
(b) Lower abdominal extra peritoneal resection and anastomosis
(c) Retain the anal sphincter colorectal cancer resection

2. Palliative surgery