4 Early Symptoms of Diabetes

If You Have These Symptoms of Diabetes, Come at Zhongba Hospital

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Diabetes Early Manifestation. What are the Symptoms?

Diabetes is a common chronic, life, are prone to this disease, I believe many of my friends for diabetes is not new. And talk about diabetes symptoms, we all know? Diabetes in the early stage is difficult to find, which gives patients treatment, has brought great inconvenience. Therefore, experts’ advice, patients must be alert to symptoms of diabetes.

First, Food Increases in Diabetes

Symptoms of diabetic patients showed more food symptoms. After the start of diabetes the patient faces a lot of urine loss. The body is in a state of semi-starvation. When the human body has lack of energy then need to eat timely replenishment of energy, this time, the food intake of diabetic patients will increase.

symptoms of diabetes

Second, The Symptoms of Polyuria

The symptoms  as polyuria, increased frequency of urination is almost every diabetic patients, there will be symptoms of performance, but also so that they are very troubled by the problem. When you become victim of diabetes then you cannot sleep stable in nights. Studies have shown that diabetes is mainly due to polyuria symptoms. In diabetes; the body's blood glucose concentration is too high, resulting in the discharge of urine is also more, the corresponding increase in urine output.

Third, The Body Weight Loss

After the onset of diabetes, the patient body produces insufficient insulin, cannot make full use of glucose, so that fat and protein decomposition accelerated to supplement the energy and calories. Resulting in the body of carbohydrates, fat and protein are consumed, coupled with the loss of water, the patient will appear weight loss performance.

Fourth, Polydipsia Symptoms

Due to increased urine output in patients with diabetes, the body's water loss is too much, will cause intracellular dehydration, nerve center stimulation, polydipsia which appear, so there will be frequent drinking water, drinking water and the number of drinking water are increased symptoms .

Experts suggest that four symptoms of diabetes should be prevented, only the early detection of the presence of diabetes symptoms in order to carry out early treatment, which for diabetic patients, it is a positive significance, therefore, is a "diabetes, After the onset of diabetes, the patient must be alert to its symptoms.