Diabetes Diagnoses and Treatment

Diabetes Treatment at Zhongba Hospital

Zhongba hospital is from the best hospitals in Lahore who provides diabetes treatment with the help of Chinese traditional medicines. Zhongba hospital has Chinese specialist’s doctors. We have adopted Chinese way of treatment. We treat diabetes in such a way that there is no need for insulin. Dr. Adnan Afzal is our diabetic specialist.

Diabetes Diagnoses and Treatment

Diabetes is a very common disease in life, the disease seriously endangers the health of elderly patients, and it must be active treatment. So, how to treat diabetes? The effect is relatively satisfied with it, after the diagnosis of diabetes, the first to receive formal treatment, and then the patient should also pay attention to daily exercise more, to develop good eating habits, proper diet can promote digestion and detoxification.

Diagnoses of Diabetes

First, we must improve the detection rate through early diagnosis:
Diabetes screening is currently a comprehensive study of fasting blood glucose and postprandial blood glucose. Duke University, the United States invented an early diagnosis of T2DM called HgA1c method, by detecting the body's average blood glucose levels within 6 weeks to screen for diabetes, improve the accuracy of the test. They examined 1235 high-risk groups and found that 4.5% of people with diabetes had a very high final detection rate, and many patients showed "disease-free" with traditional screening methods.

In addition to the HgA1c test, the study also developed a T2DM assay to measure the ratio of pro-insulin to insulin in the blood. Pre-insulin is a protein secreted by the pancreas, can be converted to insulin, and T2DM patients with pre-insulin cannot become insulin. Therefore, by detecting the ratio of two substances, can detect diabetes.

Diabetes Treatment

Second, and then select the appropriate treatment:
diabetes treatment

New Minimally Invasive Diabetes Treatment:

For example, the intelligent insulin patch that automatically senses blood glucose and releases quantitative insulin, the principle of which is to embed glucose oxidase and insulin in a polymer and attach it to the surface of the skin of a diabetic patient, Glucose and oxidase react, can release the internal insulin, this minimally invasive patch in regulating the physiological condition of patients at the same time, to the greatest extent possible to reduce the suffering of patients with diabetes.

R & D of New Drugs to Replace Insulin:

Recently, a natural hormone known as glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) has received much attention from the medical community. GLP-1 is one of the ileum endocrine ghrelin in the regulation of diabetes play an important role in vivo glucose homeostasis in patients. The main physiological effects of GLP-1 in the pancreas include stimulating insulin secretion and biosynthesis, promoting pancreatic β-cell proliferation, inhibiting apoptosis and inhibiting glucagon secretion after eating. GLP-1 has a glucose-dependent hypoglycemic effect, only in diabetic patients with elevated blood glucose levels; GLP-1 played a hypoglycemic effect, so as T2DM treatment provides a very good prospect.

The above is about "how to treat the effect of diabetes is more satisfactory," the specific introduction, we want to help. Diabetes is very large, so we must not be taken lightly, with particular attention to life in the diet, because a reasonable diet can help control the condition of diabetes.