Lumbar Disc Herniation Treatment

Lumbar Disc Herniation Treatment at ZhongBa Hospital

Lumbar disc herniation is a common disease in the elderly, and if not treated early then it puts great harm, patients should be treated early. What is the treatment? Let's follow ZhongBa Hospital doctor.

Before know the lumbar disc herniation treatment, let us come to see why patients fall prey to this disorder.
Experts said, the disease is one of the most common clinical waist diseases which are a common disease of bone trauma. The disc is between the vertebral bodies of the vertebrae and acts as a component of the vertebrae. It is supporting, connecting and buffering the vertebrae, shaped like a crushed abacus, plate, fiber ring composed of three parts. Annulus fibrosis kyphosis or fracture caused by trauma, degeneration, nucleus prolapse, known as the lumbar disc protrusion. When the prominent disc compression spinal nerve or cauda equina cause low back pain or incontinence, and even cause paralysis, known as the lumbar disc herniation.
 lumbar disc herniation treatment

How to treat it better?

Experts pointed out that there are many lumbar disc herniation treatments, but patients should choose right treatment on the bases of their condition. For example, patients with lighter condition can choose non-surgical therapy. Non-surgical therapy is divided into many categories, such as the injection of Chinese and Western acupoints.
The method is through the injection of points to direct access to drugs, so that the active ingredients quickly reach the lesion, rapid absorption, to promote blood circulation to achieve qi and blood circulation. Blood stasis, warm through the network, play loose nerve root and soft tissue adhesions, relieve muscle tension and spasm, is conducive to the nucleus of the nucleus, to restore the function, so that the clinical symptoms relief, lifted all compression symptoms of nerve root.
Surgical therapy is for more serious symptoms patients of lumbar disc herniation. Minimally invasive treatment is a new treatment with the development of medical science, and its new medical direction. Compared with traditional surgery, the advantages of minimally invasive treatment are no pain, no bleeding, zero injury, and recovery quickly. That’s why it is more popular.
The purpose of minimally invasive treatment is to eliminate the nucleus pulpous of the lumbar disc herniation to relieve the oppression of the nerve. Minimally invasive treatment techniques using visual devices, the wound is less than 1cm and sometimes even less than 1mm. Ablation or remove nucleus pulpous, release pathogenic factors from the fundamental, which can achieve very good results.
The advantages of minimally invasive treatment for spondylitis are small wound, painless and recovery quickly. the generally  treatment process will not more than an hour, the "AD radio frequency thermal coagulation target ablation"  only need 30 minutes ,and you can get out to walk The next day after surgery.