Neck and Back Pain Treatment

Neck and Back Pain Treatment at ZhongBa Hospital

Neck and back pain is a common disease in people's lives. the early symptoms of this disease is not very obvious, the performance of the symptoms sometimes heavy but sometimes light, so it is easy to ignore to missed a better treatment time. Here, ZhongBa medical hospital experts introduce neck and shoulder pain treatment to you.

 neck and shoulder pain treatment

1. Conservative Methods

Conservative treatment only can be used for early patients, can play a role, but if use these methods long-term, although it can stabilize the patient's condition and relieve symptoms, but cannot be cured and even cause recurrent. It is not recommended to use conservative methods if the patient's condition is not early stage. For middle and late stage patients, it will only delay treatment time and aggravate the condition to treat with conservative method.

2. Surgical Treatment

There is high risk of this treatment, and the recovery time is long, the wound is also huge. Therefore it is not recommended to surgery unless it was absolutely essential. Openly surgery on the elderly, if not success, will be great harm in the elderly friends’ body.

3. Minimally Invasive Treatment

Minimally invasive treatment change pattern of orthopedic disease patients to endure the pain to fix the lack of conservative treatment and surgical treatment. Minimally invasive technology can penetrate the disease point and ease your symptoms from fundamental. Minimally invasive interventional therapy use imaging positioning technology under local anesthesia condition. It is to treat accurate lesions to quickly relieve the pain which caused by tissue stress, and the use of advanced technology to reduce recurrence.

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