Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc Treatment

Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc Treatment

Lumbar disc herniation is one of the common bone diseases; half of waist and leg pain patients are Protrusion of lumbar intervertebral disc. The age of onset from a few years old to several decades old, even there is one lumbar disc prolapse patient at 9-year-old. The increase rate of the prolapsed intervertebral disc disease is related to the environment and the changed habit of living and working. The main causes of this disease are bad habits with the waist long-term.
Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc

Symptoms of Prolapsed Disc:

ZhongBa Hospital orthopedic experts said, the symptoms and signs of this disease mainly is lower back pain and sciatica. According to clinical reports, about 95% of patients have varying degrees of lower back pain, 80% of patients with lower extremity pain.
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Lower extremity symptoms which caused by Protrusion of lumbar intervertebral disc mostly related to walk and stand. And some patients showed persistent pain. Lumbar disc herniation in patients with severe symptoms will cause severe pain on waist and leg when walking and even difficult to do daily life activities like sleeping, urine and etc. If not be treated timely can even cause lower limb paralysis, bedridden for rest life.

Treatment at ZhongBa Hospital:

With the progress of the times the conservative treatment methods before were become unable to meet people's needs. Patients confused on so many treatment methods, hoping to spend less money but can get a good treatment effect.

So Which Hospital's Treatment Method is better in Lahore?

At present the best prolapsed intervertebral disc treatment is minimally invasive treatment technology. ZhongBa Hospital orthopedic experts recommend 3D multidimensional target minimally invasive treatment system for painless, safe and fast treatment.
3D multidimensional target minimally invasive treatment system used for:
  1. This treatment is used for various types of intervertebral disc diseases.
  2. This treatment is used for various types of joint disease.

Technical Advantages of 3D Multi-Dimensional Target Treatment System:

  1. Super-minimally invasive, less pain, removal of diseased tissue accurately, release adhesions, no bleeding, and no pain.
  2. Tackling the problem location accurately, targeting nerve decompression, ability to anti-recurrence long-term.
  3. Safe, efficient and no side effects. Reach the surgical site from a small percutaneous incision. Reduce the infection risk of surgery and postoperative as far as possible.
  4. Multi-dimensional visualization: Germany Semen’s large flat digital development system, 3d multi-angle visual clearly, operate more safely.
  5. Cost less but effective, no surgery required and low risk.
Adapt to the people: painless, minimally invasive, safe and reliable, especially in the elder.
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