Germany WOLF Hysteroscopy Technology

Zhongba Hospital:

Zhongba Hospital is from the best hospitals in Lahore who are using minimal invasive surgery method. Zhongba use Germany WOLF hysteroscopy technology to treat patients it causes less pain then other methods.

Germany WOLF hysteroscopy technology - Longhua Minsheng Gynecology, Shenzhen

Technical introduction
Hysteroscopy is a minimally invasive surgery, is more advanced gynecological surgery technology. Hysteroscopy surgery has the advantages of not open, small trauma, less bleeding, light pain, fast recovery, less recent complications, long-term does not affect ovarian function. It greatly reduces the patient's pain caused by surgery, minimally invasive resection of lesions that minimally invasive surgery, standing in the forefront of today's world of surgical medicine.
Hysteroscopy for abnormal uterine bleeding, postmenopausal bleeding, suspected intrauterine lesions, suspected uterine malformation, intrauterine adhesions in the diagnosis and classification of infertility and sterility, check, check the intrauterine factors of habitual abortion and pregnancy failure, cervical canal and intrauterine diagnosis and correct IUD abnormal position, check pregnancy related diseases, check the women's vaginal foreign body and malignant tumor, judging cervical malignant lesions and the effect of radiation therapy.
Hysteroscopy is intuitive, accurate, simple and safe.

German wolf hysteroscopy

1 uterine malformation:

abnormal uterine development caused by infantile uterine with insufficient ovarian function, as well as female genital uterine septum and other prone to habitual abortion. The removal of mediastinum under hysteroscopy is a good prognosis.

2 intrauterine adhesions:

intrauterine adhesions mainly due to previous surgical trauma and infection caused. Hysteroscopy treatment directly, better than any traditional method.

3 uterine fibroids:

sub mucosal fibroids and intramural fibroids caused uterine deformation, resulting in. Hysteroscopy can determine the location of fibroids, surgery is not open, do not destroy the integrity of the uterus, minimally invasive recovery fast.

4 endometrial polyps and lesions:

for endometrial polyps and lesions, B ultrasound is not easy to find, and hysteroscopy is clearly visible, can determine the nature of lesions, minimally invasive surgery effect is good.

5 uterine cavity foreign bodies:

for IUD residue, fetal bone germ residue and other uterine cavity foreign bodies, hysteroscopy can be checked under direct vision, treatment.

6 fallopian tube obstruction:

hysteroscopy can be very intuitive tubal intubation diagnosis and treatment, dredging and expansion of the fallopian tube, with better laparoscopic effect.

7 assisted pregnancy:

Hysteroscopy uterine tube insemination and other assisted pregnancy technology can greatly improve the pregnancy rate.