Cervical HPV Treatment at ZAIB Hospital

Cervical HPV Treatment at ZAIB Hopspital:

ZAIB Hospital is from the best hospitals in Lahore and provides treatment of all gynecological disorders with the help Chinese traditional medicines. We have female gynecologists in Lahore.  Dr. Goufen has 40 years of experience in treating gynecological disorders and Cervical HPV one from them.

Cervical HPV:

HPV full name is the human papillomavirus, is a parvovirus, the skin and mucosal epithelium can cause infection. To date, HPV has been found to have at least 200 subtypes, of which more than 40 subtypes of the female genital tract can cause infection. High-risk HPV infection can lead to cervical precancerous lesions and cervical cancer, mainly HPV16, HPV16, HPV, HPV, HPV, HPV, HPV, 52, 56, 58, 59, 68, 73, 82 and the like, with HPV 16 and HPV 18 being the most common HPV subtypes.
cervical hpv

HPV infection mainly through the "skin - skin", "mucous membrane - mucous membrane" contact with the general contact can also be infected, sexually transmitted infections is one of the means of transmission, even if the use of condoms cannot be avoided. HPV infection in women of childbearing age is quite common, 5% -20% of women of childbearing age can be detected in asymptomatic HPV infection, especially in the 30-year-old sexually active women, the infection rate is higher, However, most of the HPV infection is only a transient or intermittent infection, if the body's immune function normal, HPV can be natural overcast, no special treatment, the body to clear HPV time most need 8-10 months.

Only a long time, sustained high-risk HPV infection, cervical cancer may be suffering from cervical lesions, and finally the development of cervical cancer. In actual life, women under 30 years of age, although HPV infection rate is high, but the incidence of cervical cancer is very low, and women over 30 years of age HPV infection rate decreased, 40-year-old HPV infection rate is lower, but cervical cancer But only from persistent HPV infection is likely to develop into cervical cancer, but also from the high-risk HPV infection to cervical cancer usually takes a relatively long time, takes about 5-10 years or so Of the time, if in this relatively long period of time, regular cervical cancer and cervical cancer screening, regular routine gynecological examination and liquid-based cytology and high-risk HPV detection, active treatment of cervical precancerous lesions , I believe that women will greatly reduce the risk of cervical cancer. Therefore, HPV infection in the cervix is ​​not so terrible, do not "talk about HPV discoloration." At the same time, infection of HPV, not a typical sense of STD, cannot say that you or your spouse has "infidelity" behavior.