Fallopian Tube Cyst Harms, Symptoms and Treatment

Fallopian Tube Cyst Harms, Symptoms and Treatment:

What is Fallopian Tube Cyst:

Fallopian tube cyst is a gynecological disease. Tubal infection by pathogens, the infiltration of white blood cells formed intimal swelling, interstitial edema, exudation, fallopian tube epithelial mucosa. if the tubal acute inflammation did not get timely and effective treatment then it form a fallopian tube empyema.

Harms of Fallopian Tube Cyst

Tubal cyst growth to a certain stage, it will cause tubal adhesions, plug, destruction of the normal physiological function of fallopian tubes, resulting in secondary infertility.

fallopian tube cyst

Symptoms of Fallopian Tube Cyst

Tubal cysts occurred in the period after the middle period or menopause, irregular bleeding, curettage often has negative.

Treatment at ZAIB Hospital:

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