Traditional Chinese Medicine and Gynecology

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Traditional Chinese Medicine and Gynecology

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of gynecological inflammation misunderstanding

Myth: Let Chinese Medicine Play a Leading Role

Experts say, because the relationship between advertising and traditional medicine, popular, traditional Chinese medicine treatment of gynecological inflammation of the most "reputation" is very loud, such as qianjinpian, bonuses, Jinji capsule, and Wujibaifeng pills. Many women with gynecological inflammation symptoms, such as leucorrhea quantity, color and odor abnormalities, vaginal itching, etc., accustomed to immediately turn to proprietary Chinese medicine treatment.

Chinese traditional medicines for gynecology
But whether chronic cervicitis, or vaginitis and chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, the preferred treatment is not proprietary Chinese medicine. Gynecological medicine mostly has Qingrejiedu role, can play a better endocrine conditioning effect, can adjust the female physique, but the effect is relatively slow, the pertinence is not strong, generally used as adjuvant treatment of chronic gynecological inflammation, not as the preferred treatment, or the use of "soldiers to slow enemies, caused by the experience of the inflammation, took the opportunity to spread the development, thus delay the illness.

Myth Two: Treatment Not According to Treatment

Most women are self-medication, evaluating the effect of the often subjective feeling of symptoms: Well, leucorrhea normal is disease, so please stop. Experts pointed out that, for chronic pelvic inflammatory disease patients, often symptoms alleviated, can stop drug treatment; other gynecological inflammation, treatment has a more strict "treatment" concept.

The common fungal vaginitis as an example, because there is a typical symptom: one is before the onset of most causes, such as hard work, travel, with diabetes; two will appear bean slag specimen leucorrhea characteristic. Therefore, it is suitable for self-diagnosis and self-medication in the treatment of disease, but many women often leave non-compliance with treatment, there is no "left up qiongkou Yong", most of the fungal infection will rebound again.