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Abortion Clinic in Lahore at Zhongba Hospital:

In simple words abortion is termination of pregnancy. Usually it is done in the first 28 weeks. Once diagnosed, as soon as possible to make the embryo and placental tissue completely discharged. Early abortion should be promptly vacuum suction Palace surgery, pregnancy products carefully examined and sent to the pathological examination.
Zhongba hospital provides the facility of abortion clinic in Lahore to their patients. We have highly qualified and experienced Chinese female gynecologists in Lahore Dr. Goufen. She treats all gynecological disorders including abortion. She treats through Chinese way of treatment. She performs surgical abortion and nonsurgical abortion.

Early Pregnancy Failure

If at the initial stage, fertilized eggs do not make buds then it cause early pregnancy failure or miscarriage. ZhongBa hospital provides abortion facility.


Abortion Guidelines

Zhongba hospital’s abortion clinic in Lahore provides painless abortion facility. Following precautionary measurement should take after abortion.

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