Abortion Guidelines

Abortion Guidelines | Abortion Clinic in Lahore

Less than 28 weeks of pregnancy, fetal weight less than 1000g and termination of pregnancy, said abortion. Miscarriage that occurred in 12 weeks before pregnancy is known as early abortion, and that one which occurred in 12 weeks to less than 28 weeks of pregnancy, is known as late miscarriage.
Abortion is divided into spontaneous abortion and abortion, the incidence of spontaneous abortion accounted for about 15% of all pregnancies, mostly for early abortion. There are two types of special abortions: missed abortion and habitual abortion.

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Abortion can be Complicated by What Means? | Abortion Guidelines 

Incomplete abortion can cause serious blood loss, and even shock.  It should be actively treated. Various measures can be carried out simultaneously for the patient’s blood transfusion.
In the absence of blood bank, patients family members can donate blood, do not get blood, but also temporary intravenous infusion of dextran, while giving curettage, removal of fetal embryos, at that time bleeding often stop, even in the presence of infection should also be large pieces of embryonic tissue removed, then should also be actively created conditions to be blood transfusion.
Second, infections can also take place during abortion. Infections can occur because of unclean and dirty abortion surgery equipment. Equipment can damage the cervix or it can cause uterine infection.
After abortion premature sexual intercourse can cause infection. Infectious pathogens are often a variety of bacteria, anaerobic and aerobic mixed infection. According to a recent report anaerobic bacteria cause infection more than 60 % – 80 %. Infection can be confined to the uterine cavity; can also spread to the uterus around the formation of salpingitis, oviduct inflammation, and pelvic connective tissue inflammation and even beyond the reproductive organs and the formation of peritonitis, sepsis and so on.
Patients with cold fever, abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, sometimes bruised secretions, uterine inflammation, uterine recovery is not good, white blood cells and other inflammatory manifestations, severe cases can occur septic shock, do blood, cervix or uterine secretions Smear, culture (aerobic and anaerobic bacteria), B-ultrasound examination of uterine cavity with or without tissue residue.

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How to Avoid Infection after Abortion:

Zhongba hospital’s abortion clinic in Lahore experts says that a female should pay attention to the following abortion guidelines in order to prevent infection.
The Prohibition of Sexual Life: Experts usually say do not intercourse early after the abortion. Because the cervix of female becomes in the relaxed state after abortion and have drugs on it. While the male foreskin contains hidden bacteria and that bacteria attack on female cervix during intercourse.
A week after the drug flow does not wash the bath, do not do vaginal washing and swimming is also prohibited for females.

 Abortion guidelines
Do not wear chemical fiber underwear and wash underwear daily.
After the medical abortion patient should pay attention to rest, to avoid fatigue. You can take blood circulation drugs to promote uterine contraction, discharge of embryonic tissue, reduce vaginal bleeding, shorten the bleeding time.   

Patient should pay attention to diet tonic. Eat more high-quality protein to enhance physical fitness, but do not eat greasy.