Early Pregnancy Failure

Early Pregnancy Failure | Embryo Failure To Progress:

Fertilized eggs are like seeds. They go through a series of complex and wonderful processes to eventually grow into a healthy baby. If at the initial stage, fertilized eggs do not make buds, then it is likely to stop healthy growth. We put this occurred in the early pregnancy failure or embryonic abnormalities known as "embryonic disease". "Embryo abduction" is different from the mid-pregnancy and late pregnancy abortion, it is not yet formed when the embryo to stop the development.

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Early pregnancy failure

Pregnancy Failure Symptoms:

If the embryo stopped, all pregnant mothers’ pregnancy reaction will gradually disappear. First, there is no longer nausea, vomiting and other early pregnancy reaction. The feeling of breast swelling will be weakened. Then the vagina will have bleeding, often dark red bloody vaginal discharge.

Finally, there may be lower abdominal pain, discharge of embryos. The above performance varies from person to person, and some even some signs are not, directly on the abdominal pain, and then abortion, or embryos after asymptomatic by routine B ultrasound examination found. 


Treatment for Early Pregnancy Failure:


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First, the diagnosis of "stillbirth" is usually after induction of labor. If the stillbirth remains in the womb for too long without treatment, then it will have a negative impact on the mother. Usually aborted in the abdomen for more than four weeks or more, pregnant women will be damaged blood coagulation complications. Those who have not been delivered should do a check on coagulation function to determine whether there is a DIC complication.

Second, postpartum should be equipped with fresh blood spare, point’s timely delivery of uterine bleeding to prevent postpartum hemorrhage. Postpartum should be given antibiotics to prevent infection. 

Third, after the end of childbirth should carefully check the fetus, placenta, fetal membranes, umbilical cord, the naked eye cannot be judged to send pathological examination to clear the cause of stillbirth.

Fourth, multiple pregnancy, such as one of the first child died in the palace, the general can be observed to wait, pregnant women often have a transient fibrinogen and platelet reduction, and then return to normal. Once the fibrinogen down to 2g / L, it is estimated that the fetus has been able to survive, should immediately induce labor.

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pregnancy failure

Reasons of Early Pregnancy Failure

Sperm Problem

Environmental pollution, food safety and other factors is radiation damage a man's sperm, results in pregnancy failure and that resulting in abortion. Sperm DNA fragmentation detection of these emerging technologies to promote the process is very slow, sperm nucleus within the chromosome carrying the human individual genetic code, when the human sperm and egg combination of the formation of fertilized eggs, the sperm is the nucleus of genetic information to the offspring, To ensure embryo development.

Therefore, sperm chromosome aberration or sperm nucleus immature, can lead to abnormal embryonic development or termination, is caused by female abortion the most common male factors.

Sperm DNA fragmentation detection is the evaluation of sperm function of the latest one of the methods. Therefore, the general recommendation to stop the first row after the investigation of the reasons for men, check the man's sperm deformity rate and sperm DNA fragmentation rate.

Endocrine Disorders

Embryo implantation and continued development depends on the complex endocrine system to coordinate with each other, any part of the disorder, can cause early pregnancy failure and that can leads to abortion. Early embryonic development, the need for three important levels of hormones, one is estrogen, one is progesterone, one is human chorionic gonadotropin, as the mother is concerned, their own endogenous hormone deficiency, cannot meet the embryo Need, it is possible to cause the embryo to stop and abortion.

One of the most common is the corpus luteum dysfunction; corpus luteum insufficiency can cause endometrial development retardation and short luteal phase, thus affecting the fertilized egg cultivation, or early pregnancy abortion. Corpus luteum dysfunction is often accompanied by other gland dysfunction, such as hyperthyroidism or decline, diabetes, androgen relative hyperprolactinemia and hyperprolactinemia, these factors are not conducive to embryonic development, and miscarriage is closely related.


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