First Step for Abortion | Are You Pregnant?

Which is First Step for Abortion?

First step for abortion is to find out either you are pregnant or not. For that purpose you can perform number of tests like paper test and B mode ultrasound. For B mode ultrasound you need to go to abortion clinics.

steps for abortion

How many days of pregnancy can be checked out?

Early pregnancy test methods include early pregnancy test paper examination, B ultrasound and blood HCG examination, the best time to test early pregnancy is different from these specific inspection items.
Let's see the detail explanation of pregnancy check items.
Female can be in the first 7 days after the period of time, you can check by early pregnancy test paper to detect whether you are pregnant, but there will be some errors in early pregnancy test paper, in order to be accurate, recommended to go to the hospital for examination. Women with B ultrasound check whether the pregnancy is more accurate and reliable method. You can do this examination 5 weeks after pregnancy that means, about one week after the menstrual period. On the B-type ultrasound screen can show women Uterus has a round of pregnancy aura, also known as the pregnancy ring, and then it shows that women are pregnant.

How many days after pregnancy can be checked out?

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ZhongBa Hospital warmth Tips: early pregnancy test paper is only as a reference, so female cannot rely too much on the test results with early pregnancy test papers, for the sake of accuracy, recommended to go to the hospital for early pregnancy examination will be Comparison of the good.