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Choosing a highly efficient and safely way to abortion is undoubtedly a good care for you. Then how to choose a better abortion hospital? Let’s follow from ZhongBa Hospital painless abortion experts about it!
Abortion technology involves many links, only each link up to the safety standards, in order to truly protect women's reproductive health and life safety.

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How to Ensure Surgery Safety a Painless Abortion?

Surgical Methods:

At present there are two common abortions:
One is ordinary abortion and other one is visual painless abortion. High safety painless abortion requires higher standards physician technology, surgical equipment and supplies, and the surgical environment. Many hospitals cannot do this because of the conditions, so we need to distinguish clearly.

The Surgical Environment:

The operating environment need up to aseptic level. Much hospital’s surgical environment cannot up to surgical standard, and even a lot of hospitals place surgical bed in a simple room with a is very dangerous to surgery in such high bacterial environment. And the surgical instruments need to operate in intrauterine and this will infection easily. That is why so many women suffer from gynecological inflammation after abortion, even it will leads to infertility

Surgeon Technology:

At present, so many young doctors do abortion surgery at clinic, and even some interns to do abortion surgery. Because the uterine cavity is very fragile, uterine wall is very thin, if the physician's lack of clinical experience, it is easy to cause the uterus perforation of the malignant accident, or cut the uterus wall too much, will cause infertility. But these phenomena can be better to avoid by the experienced physician.

Why so many Women Choose ZhongBa Hospital to Abortion?

As an international gynecology hospital, we have best abortion clinic in Lahore ZhongBa Hospital introduced "double cavity decompression micro-view of abortion" which is the most broadly used in Europe and the USA. The technology operated by experts who have more than 20 years of clinical experience with thousands of cases but no accident. We provide painless abortion And each operation in the international standard laminar flow purification room to ensure safe operation and no infection. >> What is the fee of abortion in Lahore, talk to online agent?

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The Purpose of Examine Before the Painless Abortion:

The Initial Pregnancy Test:

Many women have early pregnancy test their selves before go to the hospital. But because of mistake on operation, should re-test urine test to ensure the accuracy and credibility

Leucorrhea Routine Examination:

Leucorrhea routine examination is to ensure that uterus not infected from vaginal trichomoniasis and mold.

Confirm Pregnancy by B-ultrasound:

After first test pregnancy by early pregnancy test strips, hospital will check capsule B-ultrasound, the purpose is to determine whether normal pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy is. >>> If you have any questions, please click to chat with online expert

Gynecological Inflammation Examination:

This stage to we check vaginal inflammation and other gynecological inflammations, to ensure the painless abortion surgery healthy and safety.

Advantages of ZhongBa Hospital painless abortion:

1, Zero Pain: international SIV anesthesia standard, sleep surgery, just a few minutes, abortion quietly, postoperative pain is 0.
2, No Infection: "million cases of surgery but no accident experts" operate in the international standard laminar flow operating room personally; the aseptic rate more 98%.
3, Zero Damage Vertus: no need to expand the vertus, absorb the gestational sac by disposable polymer micro-tube accurately, reduce the damage of the endometrium and cervical injury to 0.
4, No Residue: The use of intuitive 4D system, accurate positioning gestational sac, decidua tissue to avoid uterine perforation or tissue residue.
5, No Sequela: the introduction of the application of PAC postoperative rehabilitation standards, PU protects uterus technology and anti-premature aging technology to promote rehabilitation short-term postoperative perfect to guarantee re-pregnancy ability.
Tips: Should not make love three days before abortion. If you want to know more information about painless abortion, click to chat with expert online or call +92-313-6368888. We will answer you any detail.