Annex Inflammation and Its Treatment at Zhongba Hospital

Annex Inflammation and Its Treatment at Zhongba Hospital:

What is Annex Inflammation?

The female internal reproductive organs, fallopian tube, ovary is attached. Annex inflammation is inflammation of the fallopian tubes and ovaries. But tubal, ovarian inflammation often associated with parametrical connective tissue inflammation, pelvic peritonitis, and at the time of diagnosis is not easy to distinguish. In pelvic inflammation, salpingitis is most commonly due to anatomic site adjacent to each other, salpingitis, ovarian inflammation, pelvic peritonitis often coexist and interact.

Causes of Annex Inflammation:

Annex inflammation is caused by pathogenic microorganisms that invade the reproductive organs causing diseases of tubal, ovarian infection. It can occur in unmarried or married women, often associated with the clinical and pelvic connective tissue inflammation. Annex inflammation can make tubal atresia, resulting in infertility, cause other complications.

annex inflammation

Treatment of Annex Inflammation:

Zhongba Hospital provides treatment of annex inflammation through Chinese traditional medicines and surgeries. We at Zhongba have female Chinese gynecologists in Lahore she treats all gynecological disorders including annex inflammation.

1. Drug Treatment

You can choose the appropriate anti-inflammatory drugs, symptomatic treatment.

2. Surgical Treatment

Acute annexitis conservative treatment is invalid consider surgery. Chronic attachment inflammation if long treatment, if there is formation of tubal hydrops, choose to perform surgery.

3. Physical Therapy

There are a variety of physical therapies, such as laser, microwave, ion penetration and other treatment.