Causes of Endometriosis

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The Causes of Endometriosis

The absolute causes of the disease are still unknown. However medical experts have been able to device deferent theories regarding the causes of Endometriosis and they are somewhat quite well explanatory in every regard. The retrograde menstruation theory (Trans tubal Migration Theory) explains that when the menstruation is going on some of the menstrual tissue backs up via the fallopian tubes, implants in the abdominal region, and show growth and development. Some experts think that it is experienced by all the women that some menstrual tissue backup and that an immune system problem or a hormonal issue allows this tissue to grow in the women who is developing the Endometriosis


There is another theory about this disease that explains that the blood system and lymph system of the body distributes endometrial tissues from the uterus to the other parts of the body. A genetic theory tells us that it may be transferred by genes in various families or that some families may have predisposing factors that leads them to the Endometriosis.

There are many cases of Endometriosis abdominal scar in which surgical transplantation was performed. However, it has also been found in such scars when accidental implantation seems unlikely.

Another theory of a scientist tells us that remnants of tissue from when the woman was an embryo may later transform into Endometriosis, or that some adult tissues keep the potency they had in the embryo stage to transform reproductive tissue in certain circumstances.

The Research done by the Endometriosis Association showed a startling connection between dioxin (TCCD) exposure and the development of Endometriosis. Now the question arises about the Dioxin. Dioxin is a toxic chemical byproduct of pesticide manufacturing process, bleached pulp and paper products, and medical and municipal waste incineration. Dioxin was considered very dangerous. That association had a very vast experience. Dioxin was called for discussion after it affected a family of reuses monkeys. There was directly proportional relation of medicine and severity of disease and exposure to the cause .More the exposure then more the money you can get from that project. 79% of the monkeys exposed to dioxin developed Endometriosis, and, in addition, the more dioxin exposure, the more severe the end.

Path physiology

As the real cause of endimetriosis is not known, many theories have been presented to better understand and explain its path physiology. These concepts do not necessarily exclude each other’s presence.
Following of theories are found on Endometriosis:
·         Retrograde Menstruation theory.
·         Stem cells theory.
·         Environmental toxins theory.
·         Neural growth.
·         Autoimmune growth.
·         Coelomic metaplasia


Mostly, the Endometriosis is found on following structures in pelvic cavity:
·         Ovaries (the most common site).
·         Fallopian Tubes.
·         The back of the uterus and the posterior cul-de-sac.
·         The front of the uterus and the anterior cul-de-sac.
·         Uterine  such as the broad or round ligament of the uterus.
·         Pelvic and back wall.
·         Intestines, most commonly the recto sigmoid.
·         Urinary bladder  
·         Uterus.