Cervical Cancer Prognosis

Treatments of Cervical at Zhongba Hospital

Zhongba Hospital in Lahore provides best gynecologists in Lahore from all the hospitals in Lahore. We have Chinese female gynecologists Dr. GOUFEN LUI. She is from China and she have 40 years of experience in treating cervical erosion and cervicitis. She said cervical ersoion cause cervical cancer. She treats cervical erosion with nthe help of LEEP KNIFE technology and Chinese tradtional medicines.

Cervical Cancer Prognosis

Early cervical cancer is often a small amount of bleeding after sexual intercourse or menstrual irregular menstruation or vaginal bleeding. Gynecological examination at this time, you will find the surface of the cervix smooth or was erosive, hard, and easy to touch the bleeding. With the development of the disease, the tumor gradually increased, the patient has increased leucorrhea. If the cancer necrosis, infection, will discharge more mixed with the blood of the stench Leucorrhea; cervical cancer symptoms of increased bleeding, or even erosion due to the larger vessels caused by fatal bleeding.

cervical cancer prognosis
Local tumor can be cauliflower-like, nodular or ulcer-like, when the tumor necrosis was empty after the fall. Once the early symptoms of cervical cancer, it is necessary to actively treat them. In the early treatment must be thorough, if not completely or the treatment of a long time are likely to turn late.