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Treatment of Cervix Disease at Zhongba Hospital

Zhongba hospital treats many diseases related to cervix of females. Some of them are:
1.      Cervical Erosion.
2.      Cervicitis.
3.      Cervical Hpv.

Cervical Erosion Treatment:

Cervical erosion is caused by chronic infections and unusual change in the ph balance. If cervical erosion didn’t cured earlier it will converts into cervical cancer. We at Zhongba hospital treat cervical erosion before it converts into cervical cancer with the help of Chinese Traditional medicines and LEEP knife technology.

Cervicitis Treatment:

Cervicitis symptoms include the redness of cervix and an unusual discharge from the cervix of yellowish color. If it didn’t treated earlier then it goes serious.

Cervical HPV Treatment:

Cervical HPV can be caused by sexually transmitted disease. Cervical HPV infection is most common in those women who are bearing child.
We treat all disorder of cervix with the help of Chinese medicines and latest technologies. We have female Chinese gynecologists in Lahore Dr. Goufen.
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