How long it Take to Recover after Cervical Erosion Surgery?

How long it Take to Recover after Cervical Erosion Surgery?

One patient consulted with us online and the patient asks us that:

Dear expert, I have done cervical erosion surgery. How long will it take to fully recover?

ZhongBa Hospital Doctor answered: Dear, i didn't know which technology you were using, if it is more advanced LEEP knife or BBT then the recovery time is relatively short, which will be recovered in one month. But if it is other physical therapy, then duration may extend up to two months, women can’t have sex before recovery.

 How long will it take to recover after Cervical Erosion Surgery?
You should pay attention to diet and it should be light after cervical erosion surgery. You should eat more fruits and vegetables and light food, and have more rest. Pay more attention to the health care, because many women are very susceptible to suffering from this disease, so you must pay attention to health care. Especially in menstrual period it is very necessary to keeping the vulva clean, and should go to the hospital for regular checkup for early treatment. Meanwhile avoid sexual life.
ZhongBa Hospital recommended you choose that treatment which does not hurt the cervix and does not affect the fertility. ZhongBa Hospital to carry out activities as 0 damage to treat cervical erosion, which promise you to cure erosion but not hurt the cervix, which help you treat cervical erosion thoroughly to become a mother success .
ZhongBa Hospital provide protein coagulation + ultra-high frequency LEEP treatment for cervical erosion, which completely subvert the traditional model cervical erosion treatment of "from out to inside”. It opened a new era in the field of gynecological diseases treatment, which only remove erosion but not to hurt the cervix. The high-tech modern gynecological professional treatment is marking the hospital in the industry-leading position on the cervical diseases and other gynecological diseases treatment.
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