Chinese Medicine Treatment for Gynecological Diseases

Gynecological Inflammation Treatment at ZhongBa Hospital

Zhongba hospital in Lahore is the only hospital in Lahore who treats gynecological disorders with the help of traditional Chinese medicines. Zhongba Hospital has female Chinese gynecologists in LahoreDr. Goufen, she has 40 years of experience in treating gynecological disorders.

Gynecological inflammation refers to a variety of reasons, so that the vulva, vagina, uterus and accessories infected with pathogenic bacteria and viruses occurs red, swollen, heat, pain and other symptoms. The main clinical manifestations of the vulva itching, vaginal burning pain, leucorrhea increase, abdominal pain; color yellow, or red, or green, or black, thin, thick, or characters, or purulent or bloody, foamy or bean dregs like, or smell, some with fear of cold fever, frequent urination, painful urination and so on. It not only affect women's health or even lead to infertility, such as if didn’t treat will turn into chronic inflammation, and will cause lifelong pain.

Gynecological Inflammation

Chinese Medicine Treatment of Gynecological Inflammation

Some women suffer from gynecological inflammation perennial and gynecological inflammation if not timely treat then the harm is great. Cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, vaginitis and other gynecological diseases are concentrated in women over the age of 30, but now more than and 20 year old female patients are increasing year by year.

So Which Chinese Medicine is Better for Gynecological Inflammation:

Gynecological experts’ leads to point that these kinds of diseases have mildew, virus, bacteria, trichomonas, chlamydia and mycoplasma, the current treatment of gynecological inflammation scheme can be divided into two kinds of oral and topical antibiotics. The tricky part is that whether you are giving oral or topical antibiotics are often the benefits of pathogenic bacteria and also kill, because it is difficult to damage the vaginal pH and flora balance, but will be a combination of multiple corruptions.

Chinese Medicine Treatment Prescription for Gynecological Inflammation:

Matrine Huashi Decoction, the main ingredients: Atractylodes rhizome, phellodendron, Radix Sophorae Flavescentis, a gun,
Properties and indications: dispelling wind and dampness, insecticidal antipruritic is used for the treatment of mould or trichomonas sex vulvitis, vaginitis, cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease and slowly.
Qingrejiedu decoction, the main ingredients: when, Cyperus, phellodendron, dandelion, honeysuckle, Houttuynia etc.
Performance and indications: Qingrejiedu, Huoxue huayu is used for the treatment of various varieties of vaginitis, cervicitis, and pelvic inflammatory disease. The symptoms of abdominal pain up falling, lumbosacral pain; or menstruation, leucorrhea, yellow up smelly, after breast pain. Ordinary to maintain oral 10 - 30 pay can be cured. Good effect of these gynecological inflammation treatments, patients can try.

Advantages of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Treating Gynecological Inflammation:

Gynecological disease is a female endemic disease. Some diseases, such as the cold, through the food conditioning, rest can be alleviated, but some diseases if not treated within time, it will bring serious consequences, such as menstruation, may develop amenorrhea. Vaginitis, accessory is phlogistic, if not timely and effective treat, it may develop pelvic inflammatory disease, salpingitis and even affect fertility. Therefore, the treatment of gynecological inflammation becomes the focus of millions of women.
Gynecological inflammation
Different gynecological diseases, Chinese medicine and Western medicine have different research, different treatment methods, and even the efficacy is also different. A lot of gynecological diseases, such as irregular menstruation, habitual abortion, dysfunctional uterine bleeding disease, infertility due to ovulatory dysfunction, immune infertility, dysmenorrhea, milk, acute mastitis, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, menopausal syndrome, Chinese medicine treatment.

Practice has proved that for infertility treatment, postoperative rehabilitation and health care, postpartum rehabilitation, female menopause care, irregular menstruation treatment, sub health, sexual function and other health care projects, Chinese medicine unique therapeutic effect.

Pay attention to "individuality", Chinese herbal medicine treatment with syndrome differentiation principle, because of people, time of treatment, with different treatment and different diseases. According to the different pathogenic factors of patients, individual physical differences, living environment and course of disease symptoms, analysis and induction, for different situations with different treatment methods, prescription drugs also change with the disease changes.