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Female Endocrine Disorders Treatment at Zhongba Hospital

Endocrine system refers to all the body's endocrine a large system, hormonal (endocrine secretion) composed of humeral regulation system, which is closely linked to the central nervous system.
In majority we found endocrine disorders in females.
The human body has an endocrine system, the secretion of numerous hormones and nervous system to control the body's metabolic and physical functions. Under usual conditions, a variety of hormones is to keep a balance, such as for some reason to break the balance of this (a hormone too much or too little) this will cause endocrine disorders; will cause the corresponding clinical manifestations.

Diseases Caused by Endocrine:

It will causes Skin deterioration, irritable, obesity, infertility, gynecological disease such as endometriosis, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, irregular menstruation, breast pain, breast hyperplasia and breast cancer.
Zhongba hospital provides the treatment of all gynecological disorders including endocrine disorders treatment. We at Zhongba have female Chinese gynecologists in LahoreDr. Guofen. She treats all ovarian disorders with the help of Chinese traditional medicines, latest equipment and technologies.
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