Female Endocrine Disorders Treatment at Zhongba Hospital

The human body has an endocrine system, the secretion of numerous hormones and nervous system to control the body's metabolic and physical functions. Under usual conditions, a variety of hormones is to keep a balance, such as for some reason to break the balance of this (a hormone too much or too little) this will cause endocrine disorders; will cause the corresponding clinical manifestations.

It will causes Skin deterioration, irritable, obesity, infertility, gynecological disease such as endometriosis, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, irregular menstruation, breast pain, breast hyperplasia and breast cancer.
Zhongba hospital provides the treatment of all gynecological disorders including endocrine disorders treatment. We at Zhongba have female Chinese gynecologists in LahoreDr. Guofen. She treats all ovarian disorders with the help of Chinese traditional medicines, latest equipment and technologies.

The healthy human body is regulated by the various hormones (hormones) of the endocrine system and the nervous system to regulate the body's metabolic and physiological functions. Endocrine system is involved in regulating the body's metabolic processes, growth and development. It also regulates the reproductive aging and many other physiological activities and life phenomena. It controls coordination of various enzymes (biochemical enzymes) to maintain the relative stability of the human body to adapt complex and varied environment. When the body faces these disorders then it is followed by the emergence of various signs, especially women, the symptoms are more obvious.

Clinical Manifestation:

Skin Weakening:

Endocrine instability causes skin pigmented with a lot of dark hair on skin.

Temper, Irritability:

Endocrine disorder causes irritability in women along with bad temperament and uncontrollability on emotions.

Gynecological Diseases

Gynecological disease causes by endocrine are endometriosis, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, and irregular menstruation and breast diseases.

Breast Diseases:

Breast hyperplasia and breast tenderness mostly caused by endocrine disorders.

White Hair:

White hair and decreasing in sex hormones caused by endocrine problems.

Causes and Etiology:

1. Environmental Factors

As there are many chemical substances in air and they enter in the human body through a variety of channels. They will form a series of chemical reactions which leads to endocrine problems. So we need better endocrine disorders treatment.

2. Physiological Factors

the endocrine hormone can keep human in balance but these growth regulators are generally imbalanced with age. Some of the disorders are derived from inheritance.

3. Emotional Factors

Psychological causes have a great impact on endocrine system. By the work pressure of the parties the nerves becomes in a state of tension and changes personal mood into abnormal state. This will cause hormonal disorders, resulting in endocrine problems.

4. Nutritional Factors

In order to maintain normal physiological function body must have adequate and appropriate nutrition otherwise the body will produce endocrine problems.

Endocrine Disorders Treatment 

Clinical endocrine treatment methods are different for different causes, symptoms and physical severity. Usually hormone secretion caused by hyperthyroidism.
It can be regulate mainly from the diet, exercise, and if necessary supplemented by drug treatment to develop good eating habits. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, high protein foods, drink plenty of water. While more all kinds of exercises strengthen the constitution. But there is also a scientific law of life that does not often stay up all night. So as not to undermine the normal physiological laws it results in hormonal imbalance and then it will lead to other diseases.
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