Fungal Vaginitis and its Harms

Fungal Vaginitis Treatment at Zhongba Hospital

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Fungal Vaginitis and its Harms:

I believe we have heard about fungal vaginitis, the disease once the attack, will bring serious threat to women, if not effective in the treatment of recurrent, can cause other complications, so female friends must pay attention to early treatment, selection of treatment plan chosen during treatment so that you can quickly restore health.

fungal vaginitis

Fungal Vaginitis Harms

Resulting in infertility:

If suffering from fungal vaginitis, vaginal pH change will make sperm activity is inhibited, and the inflammatory cells can swallow sperm, and the sperm motility weakened, can affect the pregnancy; but the mycotic vaginitis caused by infertility is temporary, the cure of the disease can still be pregnant.

Affect fetal development:

Pregnant women after the disease, very few people in the vagina of Candida can go up through the cervix, fetal infection through the fetal membrane, causing premature. Pregnant women suffering from mycotic vaginitis should be actively treated.

Cause other gynecological diseases:

The long-term treatment of mycotic vaginitis, cause inflammation of the uplink, cause cervicitis and cervical erosion, if pathogens into the uterine cavity can cause tubal ovarian inflammation, pelvic inflammatory disease, finally affect pregnancy.

Infectious strong:

Fungal vaginitis contagious strong, seriously affect the normal family life.

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