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How to Treat Breast Disease with Chinese Herbal Medicines?

Breast Diseases Treatment at Zhongba Hospital

Zhong-Ba Hospital’s gynecologists in Lahore Liu Guofen said: for simple breast hyperplasia, need to distinguish between the etiology and severity of disease, if it is mild hyperplasia can be recuperated with diet and traditional Chinese medicine, but cystic hyperplasia and severe need for minimally invasive surgery. Below is specific telling breast hyperplasia to recuperate!! [Mammary gland hyperplasia can be treated by take medicine only? Live chat with doctor]

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One, Simple Breast Hyperplasia Diet Taboo

1 Breast hyperplasia patients need to eat fast food. Fast food contains high salt, high fried food calories; long-term intake can accelerate the formation of estrogen in vivo, increase breast hyperplasia.

2 Eat less estrogen containing meat food calories and cholesterol more. Too much cholesterol can stimulate the body to secrete more hormones, adverse to breast lumps. Beijing contemporary hospital Huang Han Yuan advocates, in the daily diet, women need to control hormone containing meat intake. [Estrogen skin care products can be used?  Live chat with doctor]

3 Less edible onions, ginger, garlic onions, ginger, garlic, pepper and other spicy food, to avoid endocrine disorders.

4 Refused to coffee. Excessive intake of coffee, cola and other irritating drinks, can increase the body fluid of breast tissue, increase breast swelling feeling, and make breast discomfort.
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Two, Breast Hyperplasia Chinese Medicine Therapy

Mainly used for simple hyperplasia of breast, and cystic hyperplasia after recuperate. Specific treatment methods include traditional Chinese medicine recuperate, physical therapy, breast care, etc., in addition to regular review, to avoid exacerbations.

Three, Minimally Invasive Surgery

Mainly suitable for cystic hyperplasia and simple hyperplasia, this is because cystic hyperplasia has a certain chance of cancer, and non-surgical treatment effect is poor, so should consider surgical resection, prevent deterioration.

The Contemporary Mammotome Minimally Invasive Surgery:

Mammotome minimally invasive ultrasound device in effective positioning lesions, quick and safe resection of breast ductal hyperplasia mass, can protect more; maintain the morphology and function of breast appearance intact. The tiny wound is only 0.3cm, without suture, faster postoperative recovery, does not damage the breast shape.

Warm Tips:

breast hyperplasia need to breast specialist hospital for professional examination, diagnosed mass malignant, according to doctor's advice treatment. After treatment also need regular follow-up visits, to avoid repeated illness. [When can i do mammary gland check better? Live chat with doctor]

Chinese traditional medicines

Zhong-Ba hospital clinical diagnosis

1 Doctors Clinical Examination:

Breast specialist through touch, press, press check breast, understand the physical characteristics of the surface, the lesions were detected first step visual diagnosis.

2 Imaging Examination:

imaging examination including breast color Doppler ultrasound examination and mammography.

Breast ultrasound:

Japan's Toshiba Doppler three-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic instrument introduced in our hospital, can clearly display the internal details, breast morphology, blood flow signal, the relationship with the surrounding tissue, supraclavicular axillary lymph nodes, and provide the basis for the diagnosis of breast diseases.

3 East Mammography Metection:

High sensitivity to tumor lesions, can detect a small clinical doctors difficult to touch. Germany SIEMENS digital breast molybdenum target introduced in our hospital can show the diameter of about 0.3cm and tumor nodules, calcification of diameter less than 0.1cm.